Revealed: MN Months


  Here's the whole twist...


Minnesotans are hardy.  We love the four seasons. We embrace them.  Many things have gone amiss in this image that celebrates each Minnesota month – from ice fishing in February to eating corn dogs in the heat of August. 

Were you able to discover the 20 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

MN Months Revealed:

      1. Guitar moved from January to March (the months follow left to right, top to bottom)
      2. Guitar background changed from purple to green
      3. Fishing hook moved from February to the Fishing Opener in May
      4. Fishing hook is now facing the opposite direction
      5. February - fittingly, now celebrates the state of hockey!
      6. Split Rock Lighthouse moved from March to November
      7. Split Rock Lighthouse has a light on in one of the doorways
      8. Shape of the blotch of paint behind the Split Rock Lighthouse has changed
      9. Bicycle wheel now has handle bars and part of the frame included.
      10. Bicycle wheel background went from blue to green.
      11. Two loons dramatically changed into one
      12. Loon shown in January (moved from May)
      13. Background color behind the loon changed from red to light blue
      14. Shape of the blotch of paint behind the loon changed (subtle)
      15. June Pride Month rainbow changed directions
      16. Sailboat background changed from green to blue
      17. Two corn dogs now at the state fair in August (yum!)
      18. Apple has been eaten in September
      19. Cheers to October - two beers as opposed to one
      20. The Foshay Tower is no longer shown!  Did that throw you for a loop?

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