Revealed: Name Above All Names


  Here's the whole twist...

We hope you enjoyed piecing together each beautiful image containing such colorful detail – as though a light is shining through a stained glass window. With so many names and images to remind us of God, it should not be surprising that some things have gone amiss.

Were you able to find the differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image for each letter? All letters actually had a change… even Q if you look closely enough!

Name Above All Names Revealed:

A – Alpha and Omega now Almighty God and verse moved

B – Bread tilted, another type of bread added and wine chalice has changed

C – Wait a minute, the globe image from U moved here! Lettering color also changed

D - Wind changed direction on image, clouds and person moved as well

E – Eternal ribbon cross was flipped over

F – Did you catch the verse change to Proverbs 17:17

G – Image changed with Jesus holding lamb; background color now purple

H – Heart image and verse changed for Healer

I – Image flipped, background and lettering color changed

J – Lion of Judah now Jesus with different verse, background and letter colors changed

Jesus Christ Our Lord – lettering and background colors changed

K – Crown in center now thorns (image moved from Z)

L – Now Word of Life with image from T. Did you catch the verse change (not the same one from T)?

M – Morning Star now Messiah with the cross image from S. Verse changed as well, but same color background to help you solve the mystery

N – Lettering and background colors changed

O – Lettering color changed

P – New image

Q – UnQuenchable Love - looks like no change here!  But, if you look closely fire was added to bottom of the heart

R – Risen Lord now Redeemer, new verse, sky filled with morning sunshine

S – Savior now Holy Spirit with new image and verse

T – Truth changed to True Light with candlelight image and background from L (but not the verse from L)

U – Globe image from Creator with background and verse change

V – Additional green grapes added to the image

W – Word of Life now Wisdom of God with bookmark moving and new verse shown

X – eXalted One sky is lighter

Y – Yahweh letters in Hebrew change color

Z – Crown image changed, was shown in K and verse changed

Were you able to find all the changes?

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