Revealed: Northeast Minneapolis


  Here's the whole twist...

NE Mpls

We hope you enjoyed the art, restaurants and some of the favorite hangouts known throughout Northeast Minneapolis! Many things have gone amiss within the city. Were you able to find the 26 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image? There were even a couple more!

Northeast Minneapolis Revealed:

  1. Clouds have moved and have much more definition throughout the sky
  2. A helicopter is checking out the sites over Northeast Minneapolis
  3. People are walking along the Stone Arch Bridge
  4. Three cars on the street (far left on the puzzle) have changed colors
  5. Trees have changed to fall colors throughout the city
  6. Lights have turned off and on at the Red 20 Apartments and elsewhere
  7. Check out the squirrel on the rooftop in the lower left corner
  8. A man is playing the accordion outside Whitey’s Old Town Saloon
  9. A family is walking on the sidewalk (lower left)
  10. Two windows below the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) building now have curtains closed
  11. The mural by the Stray Dog Restaurant flopped horizontally
  12. Purple motorbike is parked outside the Red Stag Supperclub
  13. Colors of the windows at the Red Stag Supperclub flopped from red to blue and visa versa
  14. Hot dog vendor appears behind Brasa Rotisserie restaurant sign
  15. Green and red cars swapped locations on Central and Hennepin
    1. Girl is now driving the pink Cadillac
    2. A couple people are now seen in the window of Ray J’s American Grill
    3. US flag flying on building (upper middle of puzzle)
    4. Northeast Minneapolis Arts District banner now displayed in front of the historic Grain Belt Brew House
    5. Additional light rail car has stopped by Target Field to pick up some people waiting for a ride
    6. Airplane is flying across the sky
    7. Two people are walking at corner next to Riddle Room escape room
    8. Volkswagen van driving off right side of puzzle (in front of the pink Cadillac)
    9. Artist signature has moved
    10. Kayaker is padding along the Mississippi River
    11. Man driving a purple Cadillac appears!

    BONUS A. Some roof vents have changed locations and an additional window was added

    BONUS B. Buildings in the pink horizon on right hand side have flopped horizontally

    Were you able to find all the changes?


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