Revealed: Parrot Paradise


  Here's the whole twist...

These bright beautiful birds are found hanging out in their stunning tropical home.  Within this dense canopy, bustling life is all around -- no wonder some things have gone amiss. 

Were you able to find the 23 differences between the box cover and the jigsaw puzzle?

Parrot Paradise Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. A new bunch of flowers appear
  2. The one parrot is flying the other way with another parrot
  3. A colorful igana joins the scene
  4. This parrot changed it’s colors
  5. A butterfly landed here
  6. The vine flowers spread to this part of the tree
  7. The mountain landscape changed
  8. A tropic waterfall is coming out of the flower
  9. Two more parrots join the scene
  10. More fireflies in the sky
  11. this butterfly moved up
  12. A vine has twisted itself all the way on this tree branch
  13. This parrot now longer has the flower in it’s beal because...
  14. it gave it to this parrot
  15. A blue butterfly joins the scene...
  16. and these flowers are different and blue
  17. Another couple of parrots join the scene
  18. There’s a stunning rainbow in the sky now...
  19. and the clouds are all colorful too
  20. Two yellow flowers popped up
  21. This flower changed color
  22. Another blue butterfly showed up...
  23. Along with more fireflies

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Answers to Psittaciformes (a.k.a. parrots) trivia:

Parrots, along with over half of our planet’s terrestrial animal species, are most prominent in rainforests.  How much of our planet is covered by these tropical rainforests?
Once covering 14% of land on Earth, now only about 6% (according to National 

How many toes do parrots have?
Like most other birds, parrots have four toes per foot. But instead of the usual three-in-front-one-behind arrangement, parrot toes are configured for maximum grip: two in front and two behind, like two pairs of opposable thumbs. Combined with beaks that can crack even the world’s toughest nuts, their unique feet make them formidable eaters, not to mention dexterous climbers.

How long can parrots live?
Many parrots have near-human lifespans, a consideration many people don’t truly grasp when seeking a parrot as a companion. Larger species like macaws and cockatoos are known to live for between 35 and 50 years. Tarbu, an African grey in England, lived to the old age of 55. The current oldest parrot is 82-year-old Cookie, a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo (Lophochroa leadbeateri) that resides at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

How many types of animals can mimic human speech?
According to Audubon, “of all the creatures on Earth, only two can produce human language: humans… and birds.”  Parrots are clearly the best at it – but mynah birds, crows, and ravens can also imitate human speech.  (Source:

Are parrots vegetarians, carnivores, vegans or omnivores?
Omnivores – eat vegetation as well as meat.  Parrots usually eat fruits, nuts, flowers, seeds, buds but they also feed on insects, worms and meat.

There are about 400 parrot species in the world.  How many are native to the North America?
The handsome red-and-green thick-billed parrot is the only surviving parrot species native to North America. (The other, the Carolina Parakeet, is long extinct.) The thick-billed parrot is a parrot of high mountain ranges, or “sky islands,” which it shares with the Violet-crowned Hummingbird, Painted Redstart and Varied Bunting. (Source: American Bird Conservancy)

Why have parrots been perfect companions to pirates?
Parrots were practical pets for a pirate at sea:
1) Not big eaters which means that when supplies run low they, like cats, are not an unnecessary drain on scarce resources
2) Mostly able to take care of themselves.  They're in no danger of falling overboard and drowning in the swell. They can keep you company, even if they don't always say the right thing. They're capable of protecting themselves during a fight by flying off or up into the rigging.

What animated movie released in 2011 featured a pair of Spix’s macaws?  Do you recall their names? 
Rio was the movie and the pair of macaws were named Blu and Jewel (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway).

What type of parrot did Tony Baretta have?
A Triton Cockatoo named Fred.  Baretta is an American detective show televised from 1975 to 1978.

What is a Parrot Head and who originated the term?
Fans of singer–songwriter Jimmy Buffett’s tropically influenced beach/rock/folk music are known as Parrot Heads.  The term originated when Timothy B. Schmidt (Eagles bass player) was in Jimmy Buffett’s band. They were playing a concert outside of Cincinnati called King’s Island.  The crowd was wearing Hawaiian shirts.  Jimmy called this to Timothy’s attention and Timothy stated “They look like deadheads in tropical suits.  They’re like Parrot Heads!”


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