Revealed: Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox


  Here's the whole twist...


Congratulations on finishing the jigsaw puzzle... did you have any idea of the elements Paul and Babe had to endure living up North?

A few of the changes that you may have noticed, along with the dramatic season change:

  1. Birds flying in front of the trees have gone into the sky.
  2. The sky has gone from a sunset yellow to a midday blue.
  3. You'll notice some smoke coming out of Paul's pipe.
  4. Snow.  Snow on the trees, Paul's hat and shoulders.  Lots of snow.  Everywhere.
  5. The one red cardinal has moved and there are now two red cardinals on Babe's horns.
  6. The bird on top of the "N" in Paul Bunyan has changed from blue to red.
  7. One bear has walked on only to see a buck take his place.
  8. The title of the puzzle has changed from a red background to a white background.
  9. What is Paul holding?  Lookout!
  10. What is that coming out of Babe's nose?  Ah... it makes sense when the puzzle is complete :-)

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