Revealed: Roadside Americana


  Here's the whole twist...

Much to see along Route 66. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle.

In all, you should be able to locate 25 differences from the puzzle you have assembled and the image on the box.

Roadside Americana Revealed:

1. Red hot rod replaced an old white car
2. Dog appears in the green truck
3. Someone left a guitar on the hood of the old blue truck
4. Cactus grew into the scene
5. Old red gas pump appears next to the old blue truck
6. Pool A/C Marcotte Motor Court sign appears
7. Bunker’s Music Bar and Grill sign appears in upper left
8. Plane appears above the road heading out of town
9. Plane appears above the County Road 44 sign
10. Garage sign added next to cowboy
11. Hillside Motel sign appears
12. Lacita Mexican Food sign added
13. Old wash basin added in front of the red car
14. Pierce Motel sign added
15. Fender amp added in the foreground (left of orange car)
16. Green truck turns red in the background
17. Motor oil stand appears below Hickory House BBQ sign
18. Star Lite Motel sign – “E” straightened out & “O” tilted
19. Bulldog now looking to the left as opposed to the right
20. FOOD sign now says CAFE
21. Large plane is flying in a different direction
22. Light bulb in truck in the foreground is no longer broken
23. Bel Aire sign lights up red
24. Rearview mirror was taken off the yellow car
25. Route 66 and Route 99 have switched locations

Were you able to find all the changes?

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