Revealed: Rural Life - Fall to Winter


  Here's the whole twist...


Rural Life - Fall to Winter Revealed!

Congratulations on finishing the jigsaw puzzle…did you find all the changes that occurred on this farm from fall to winter.

Some of the seasonal changes that you may have noticed include:

    • Sky darkens with some twinkling stars as the days get shorter
      • Snow, snow… and more snow
      • Trees no longer have leaves
      • Fields in background have changed colors
      • Silo is now filled with grain
      • Cow has left the barn (along the side) and sheep is poking head out the door
      • Quilt pattern on the peak of the barn has changed
      • Lights are on inside the house
      • Wreath appears on the house and door
      • Window boxes are now evergreens (versus flowers)
      • Trees and wreaths now for sale (no longer pumpkins)
      • Horse is pulling a red sleigh, passenger and tree!
      • Blackbird is now a red cardinal
      • The scarecrow has been replaced with a snowman
      • Beautiful homemade quilts of trees, pinwheels and mittens are now hung on the clothes line (vs. fall themed quilts)
      • Field of pumpkins has been picked and plowed
      • Cow and sheep are sharing a meal!

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