Revealed: Sewing Alphabet


  Here's the whole twist...


Many things have gone amiss while crafting this patchwork quilt with love. Were you able to find the 30 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Sewing Alphabet Revealed

  1. Applique flower changed from blue to red
  2. B – stands for buttons (word added) with 2 buttons that must have been used by someone
  3. Calico cat joins the scene
  4. D - Background changed from green to blue.  Must have finished the white mittens and now darning some cozy socks!
  5. E – did you figure it out, stands for Embroidery (added the word)
  6. Gingham now blue versus red
  7. Iron must have been used as cord appears in a slightly different position
  8. Jacquard now red versus blue (swapped colors with the gingham print)
  9. K – did you figure it out, stands for knitting (added the word)
  10. Black sewing machine swapped places from center to sewing machine (M)
  11. Needles were added to the basket of yarn
  12. An additional spool of thread was added just below the cat
  13. Tassels were added to the cat’s pillow
  14. Different cat appears on the pillow – and is sleeping!
  15. The striped colors of the blanket changed
  16. L – stands for the pretty lace shown and pattern removed behind word.
  17. “Stitch in time” seems appropriate to now show a clock!
  18. N – changed from Needles to Notions
  19. Notions show pins in the pin cushion (and sewing needles were removed)
  20. Background color for “sewing keeps me in stitches” changed from green to brown
  21. O – stands for Organza (added the word)
  22. Pattern, what – wait, that pattern is now the same as the Quilt block
  23. R – stands for ruffle (added the word)
  24. S – stands for scissors with a spool of thread removed, scissors closed
  25. T – stands for thimble (added the word) and flowers removed at top
  26. Understitch color changed from green to brown
  27. W – stands for wool with 2 spools removed to reveal the word
  28. X – cross stitch explanation complete by adding numbers 3 and 4
  29. The purple yarn was used, a yellow ball of yarn was added and the blue one shifted locations
  30. The zipper was pulled up a bit


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