Revealed: Sky Glidin'


  Here's the whole twist...


So much fun to view a fair from high in the sky!  Hope you enjoyed the beautiful night, as you discovered the many things that have gone amiss. 

Were you able to find the 26 differences between the box cover and the jigsaw puzzle?


Sky Glidin' Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Moon appears in the evening sky
  2. Star is now a shooting star
  3. This chairlift color changes to red...
  4. and the 2 people riding switched places
  5. Number is added to the back of the seat
  6. Yellow firework explodes in the sky
  7. This chairlift also changes color (now blue)...
  8. Rider is blowing bubbles...
  9. that slowly drift away!
  10. Vibrant purple layers appear in the colorful evening sky
  11. Another firework explodes in the sky
  12. This rider is now taking a selfie...
  13. plus a number is added to the back of the seat
  14. Another large firework appears here in the sky
  15. Different riders on this seat (now two people versus one wearing a cowboy hat)
  16. Number added on the back of this seat
  17. This chairlift also changes color (now green)
  18. And yet another firework lights up the sky
  19. Space Tower moves up for a higher view
  20. Ferris wheel can now be seen
  21. A number is added to the back of this chairlift too...
  22. and this one...
  23. and this one 
  24. Here’s where the rider with the cowboy hat went!
  25. More items were dropped on the roof and some moved
  26. Friendly cute cardinal appears near Turman signature


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