Revealed: Soda Pop


  Here's the whole twist...

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. With so many colors, labels, and flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder many things have gone amiss. 

Were you able to find the 40 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Soda Pop Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Capone Cream Soda moves to location #16 (swaps places with Barritts Ginger Beer)
  2. Grouping of glass straw dispenser and Dr. Browns (just above it) move to location #4 (switch places with Sprecher Maple Root Beer) – and the straws are now different colors
  3. Goody Yellow Pop moves to location #5 (switches places with Retro Créme Soda)
  4. Sprecher Maple Root Beer moves to location #2 (swaps with Dr. Browns and straw dispenser)
  5. Retro Créme Soda moves to location #3 (swaps with Goody Yellow Pop)
  6. Blueberry Breese moves to location #17 (swaps with Squirt)
  7. Color of straw stripes change to blue and green
  8. “Cheers!” design on the glass is gone
  9. Grape Crush moves to location #21 (swaps places with Orange Crush)
  10. Pepsi moves to location #13 (swaps with Coca-Cola)
  11. Nehi Peach moves to location #34 with only the top of the bottle now showing
  12. Goody Red Pop changes to Goody Blue Pop
  13. Coca-Cola moves to location #10 (swaps with Pepsi)
  14. Fentimans Ginger Beer moves to location #39 (swaps with Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock)
  15. Rugged Mountain Root Beer (yes, it’s green! made by Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Co) disappears; replaced by Howdy Lemon Lime (from location #40)
  16. Barritts Ginger Beer moves to location #1 (swaps with Capone Cream Soda)
  17. Squirt moves to location #6 (swaps with Blueberry Breese)
  18. Glass with blue soda changes to green soda, straw color changes from red to green, and the straw moves to other side of the glass
  19. Hubert’s Limeade changes to Lemonade and the smiley face shifts
  20. 76 moves to location #25 (switches places with 7•Up)
  21. Orange Crush moves to location #9 (swaps with Grape Crush)
  22. Glass with green soda is now blue soda with a different color straw that moves to the other side of the glass
  23. Bacon Soda and Cock Bull Ginger Beer are now in full view
  24. Soda Pop crate of bottles moves to location #35 (right side of the puzzle image)
  25. 7•Up moves to location #20 (swaps place with 76)
  26. A little soda spills on the counter
  27. Bottle cap disappears -- replaced by the opener from location #38
  28. Stewart’s Black Cherry moves to location #33 (switches places with Killebrew Root Beer)
  29. Orange strips on the straw change to red
  30. Cheers design appears on the glass
  31. Bottle cap joins the scene
  32. A&W Root Beer moves to location #37 (switches place with Dorothy’s Root Beer)
  33. Killebrew Root Beer moves to location #28 (switches with Stewart’s Black Cherry)
  34. Nehi Grape moves to location #11 (swaps with Nehi Peach)
  35. Soda crate that moved here now reads Thirst First!
  36. Frostop bottle is added to the crate in this location
  37. Dorothy’s Root Beer moves to location #32 (swaps with A&W Root Beer)
  38. Bottle opener moves to location #26 – and appears at a different angle
  39. Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock moves to location #14 (Fentimans Ginger Beer)
  40. Howdy Lemon Lime moves to location #15, and the SunDrop bottle appears here on the right side of crate (instead of left) in the crate’s new location

Were you able to find all the changes?

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Answers to Soda Pop Trivia:


What are the 3 primary ingredients in soda pop?
Water – the solvent for the other ingredients
Carbon dioxide – CO2 is added to water under pressure to make carbonated water; puts the fizziness in soft drinks
Sugar/Syrup – different types of sugar: sucrose, glucose, fructose, or sweeteners.

Name the 3 countries with the highest soda consumption per capita.
According to World Population Review, soda consumption per capita per year by country in 2024:
Argentina listed at about 155 liters per capita every year
United States is estimated at 154 liters per capita every year; 1 out of 5 people reported having at least one soda daily
Chile stated as 141 liters per capita every year
Mexico in fourth place at about 137 liters of soda per capita

Do Americans consume more bottled water, carbonated drinks, or coffee?
Bottled water is the highest at 25%, followed by carbonated soft drinks 18.7% and coffee 10.8% (source:  statista 2024)

What influences whether you say pop, soda, or coke?
Most likely the region you are from.  Midwestern US generally says ‘pop’ while the Northeast and west coast call it ‘soda’ and the south often calls it ‘Coke’ for any type of soft drink – not just Coca-Cola or another cola. 

Where did the name soda come from?
Derived from sodium

Where did the name pop come from?
Robert Southey, an English poet in 1812, described the drink  “as pop because the cork goes pop when it is drawn”

Which soda pop was first marketed as a warm drink?
Dr. Pepper during the 1960s

What was the first soft drink consumed in outer space?
Coca-Cola in the 1980s aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger (using spouts specially designed for space flight)

Where was Fanta created?
Germany during WWII because bottling Coca-Cola in Germany during the war became very difficult due to lack of supplies. German bottling plants used their initiative and invented their own drink recipes. This soft drink is now American owned.

What was root beer originally going to be called?
Root Tea.  In 1875, Charles Hires introduced Hires Root Beer. He wanted to call it “Root Tea” but chose “Root Beer” to make the beverage attractive to Pennsylvanian coal miners. He did not drink alcohol and marketed root beer as an alternative.

Why was Mountain Dew originally developed?
Mountain dew was originally made to go with whiskey; “Mountain Dew” is even a 19th century slang term for moonshine?

What Beach Boys song was used to advertise Sunkist Orange Soda in 1980?
Good Vibrations. The advertising slogan was “fun, sun and the beach” in TV and radio commercials with this song as the brand’s theme. In 1980, Sunkist Orange become the #1 orange soda in the US.

Place these soft drink brands in order of when introduced.
Schweppes (1783) – boosts oldest soft drink in the world
Vernors Ginger Soda (1866) – boosts oldest soft drink in the U.S.
Hires Root Beer (1876)
Moxie (1884 as soda); created in 1876 as a patent medicine called “Moxie Nerve Food”
Dr. Pepper (1885)
Coca-Cola (1886)
Pepsi-Cola (1898) – invented as “Brad’s Drink” in 1893, renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898

Schweppe’s created a carbonated mineral water in 1783 by German-Genevan scientist Johann Jacob Schweppe. Company was founded in Geneva to sell carbonated water.

Vernors Ginger Soda was created in 1866 by James Vernor and produced in Detroit, Michigan.

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