Revealed: Squirrel's Life


  Here's the whole twist...


A red squirrel’s mischievous antics can provide hours of entertainment.  Should be no surprise that an afternoon with such a curious critter would result in many adventures gone amiss.  Did you find the 19 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Squirrel's Life Revealed:

  1. Squirrel is on the left – no, on the right of the flower!
  2. Background color changed from shade of purple to blue
  3. Color of hyacinth flower changed from white to purple, and the watering can from yellow to blue
  4. Squirrel reacts (a bit shocked) to see another squirrel munching on his berry branch
  5. Solo squirrel holding the “O” in LOVE meets his soulmate!
  6. Squirrel with face in dandelion swaps locations with squirrel cautiously nosing a dandelion (location 14)
  7. An extra raspberry appears for this hungry squirrel
  8. Red stripe on teepee and design on canoe now blue
  9. Squirrel now has a paddle – wonder if he will get them moving
  10. Acrobatic squirrel with amazing grip strength and skill drops to a one-legged layout position on the rope
  11. Different squirrel now cracking one nut, not two
  12. Squirrel changed the lettering on the blocks to read MORE NUTS
  13. Squirrel on the left playing chess has moved the King – on the attack!
  14. Squirrel nosing a dandelion replaced with squirrel from location 6
  15. Squirrel changed message offering encouragement for the acrobatic squirrel
  16. Background color changed from pink to purple behind the squirrel smelling the pink/white tulips
  17. Surfing squirrel now riding a different color surfboard
  18. Amazing squirrel strength displayed by carrying load of nuts yet another step
  19. There is still a squirrel with tulips – but purple not white, and striking a very different pose


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