Revealed: St. Louis Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

What a crazy day in St. Louis. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 34 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

St. Louis Spirit Revealed:

1) Clydesdales have strolled into town
2) A skydiver is dropping in to commemorate the first pack style parachute jump from an airplane
3) Pinocchio has come to life in Citygarden
4) The head of Eros Bendato has been discovered in Citygarden lying on his side
5) A guitar and sax player have decided to put on a concert in Citygarden
6) A group of people have come to watch the concert in Citygarden
7) The Spirit of Saint Louis is flying the opposite direction
8) The Spirit of Saint Louis is now pulling a banner advertising the Big Muddy Blues Festival
9) It’s late in the day and the colors of the sky have changed to reflect the sunset
10) The billboard in front of Busch Stadium is now promoting St. Louis Blues Week
11) The paddle boat in the Mississippi has changed directions
12) A football busted out of the Edward Jones Stadium
13) Two additional cardinals have appeared on each side of the Busch Stadium sign
14) There’s a fisherman in the Mississippi just beyond the Four Seasons Hotel
15) Some flowers in front of the Gateway Arch have changed colors (reds and purples)
16) The Blues sign on the building in the Blues District in front of Busch Stadium has been lit up
17) Someone built a camp fire on the East Bank of the Mississippi
18) A deer has appeared on the East Bank of the Mississippi
19) A boy and his father watch one of their balloons floating away
20) A boy acquired a group of balloons to replace the one that got away
21) Fountain with the running man statue has been turned on in Citygarden
22) A cardinal has appeared in a tree in the lower left corner
23) Fall colors have developed on trees throughout the area
24) Macy’s star has flipped upside down
25) There’s a window washer on the One AT&T Center building
26) A new building has appeared in front of the Eagleton Courthouse
27) An additional window has appeared on the Civil Courts Building
28) The tip on the top of the Old Courthouse has changed from green to gold
29) Someone is bringing the local newspaper to the Old Courthouse
30) Some windows changed locations in the Mansion House Apartments next to the Gateway Arch
31) The building to the right of the Old Courthouse has some lights turned on
32) The red, yellow and blue World Series pennants changed locations on Busch Stadium
33) The time has changed on the clock at Busch Stadium
34) Another tree has appeared in front of Busch Stadium

• Truck going over the bridge

Were you able to find all the changes?

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