Revealed: Sunday Scrimmage


  Here's the whole twist...

Beautiful day for a little football rivalry in the park. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 27 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Sunday Scrimmage Revealed:

1) Fido has joined the game.
2) The Foshay building is now in sight.
3) An additional cloud has appeared in the top center of the sky.
4) Smoke is no longer coming out of the smokestack of the tan colored house.
5) Players 82 and 23 have switched numbers.
6) A new player as taken a knee, waiting for play to resume.
7) House on the right has been painted green.
8) Two additional leafs have fallen to the ground.
9) Girl’s bandage has switched legs.
10) Shades have been drawn closed on the green house (lower window).
11) Three birds are flying in the sky.
12) Tree on the right has turned red and tree on left brighter yellow/orange.
13) ICE has been added to the water cooler.
14) An additional blue stripe has been painted on the girl’s jersey.
15) A kicking tee has been left on the ground.
16) A parent has stepped out of her house and is watching from her front steps.
17) The flag of the United States of America is now hanging on display.
18) A plane is taking off overhead.
19) A feline is watching the game from a now opened window.
20) Dormer roof has been added to the brown house.
21) The colors of the boy’s baseball cap have swapped.
22) An orange cone is in the background of the yard.
23) Boy’s helmet has changed from black to maroon.
24) Boy has taken off his knee pads.
25) Football now has stripe on it.
26) A chimney has been added to the green house with smoke coming out of it.
27) Stripes have been added to the shirt of the boy in front.
27) Tom Foty’s signature has moved.

Were you able to find all the changes?

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