Revealed: Sweetheart (500 Piece Puzzle)


  Here's the whole twist...

It’s been a romantic evening.

Fourteen changes have taken place. Were you able to locate them all?

1. Fire has burned down to embers
2. Candles have burned down
3. A strawberry has been eaten
4. Rose petals have dropped onto the table

5. Red hot container has been opened
6. Some red hots have been dropped onto the table
7. Wine has been tasted from the wine glasses
8. Lipstick has been left on a wine glass
9. Ice has melted in the ice bucket
10. Both wine bottles have been opened
11. Corkscrew has been left on the table
12. Two corks have been left on the table
13. Envelope was opened and confetti fell out
14. Card reveals “I Love You”

What did you think of the jigsaw puzzle?

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