Revealed: The Face-Off


  Here's the whole twist...

Anyone for a game of hockey in St. Paul, Minnesota. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 21 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

The Face-Off Revealed:

      1. Snow boots have moved from the bottom left side of puzzle to bottom right.
      2. Hockey sticks and puck in the snow appear in slightly different location.
      3. Tom Foty’s signature has moved from right to left.
      4. Three additional pucks appear on the ice.
      5. The boy in front now has tape around his left leg.
      6. The dog is now wearing a referee uniform!
      7. Three kids in the background have moved to opposite sides of the ice.
      8. A tree fort has been built in the background.
      9. The hockey sticks from the garage wall are now on the tree fort.
      10. A tire swing is hanging from the tree fort.
      11. Candles appear in the windows of the house.
      12. Christmas lights appear on the garage and house.
      13. A banner has been hung on the garage that says “Let’s Play Hockey.”
      14. A wooden chair was added on the right side of the puzzle (just below the sign)
      15. Two additional orange cones mark a second goal on the ice.
      16. The plane has moved in the sky.
      17. There’s a pine tree in the image.
      18. The sky is less overcast with more blue sky.
      19. An additional telephone pole with wires has been added to the background.
      20. The color of the girl’s hat has changed from blue to red.
      21. The color of the boy’s hat has changed from red to blue.

Bonus:  Did you notice the little snowman holding a hockey stick and wearing a helmet in front of the red shovel?

Were you able to find all the changes?

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