Revealed: Wine, Vino, Vin


  Here's the whole twist...

Here's a puzzle that will have you reminiscing times exploring wine regions, tastings with friends, evenings with the perfect food pairings or that celebration of a lifetime.  Wine, Vino, Vin is sure to commemorate all those great moments with your favorite Red, White and Bubbly wines.  The twists included are sure to wet your whistle as well!

Wine, Vino, Vin Revealed:

  1. Red Wine and baguette switched places with Spain Cava and olives
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon switched places with the Rioja
  3. The stemless wine glass moved from the bottom to the top
  4. Beaujolais turned into Beaujolais Nouveau
  5. Rain is now coming from the cloud by the Eiffel Tower
  6. Bicycle now has a basket with a flower
  7. Now there are three croissants by the Champagne
  8. Corkscrew and cork by the Syrah has flipped the other direction
  9. Green sprig appears next to the Ruby Red Port
  10. An empty wine bottle with a flower appears on the table for two
  11. The green sprig above the Prosecco moved next to the Prosecco
  12. The Prosecco has been opened!
  13. New squiggly design below Napa Valley
  14. New squiggly design above the Mimosa
  15. Some green basil added to the spaghetti pairing
  16. An additional corkscrew and cork above the Leaning Tower of Pizza
  17. Green sprig above the Leaning Tower of Pizza is now to the left of it
  18. Baguette bag now says BREAD
  19. Sauvignon Blanc has changed to Pinot Grigio
  20. Empty coffee cup is now filled
  21. Below the Pinot Grigio there are some purple grapes
  22. Chardonnay glass is now almost empty
  23. Above the pizza wedge some rain drops
  24. The pizza wedge is pointing a new direction
  25. There are two glasses of wine on the wine barrel now

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