Revealed: Winter Carnival Buttons


  Here's the whole twist...

Lots of buttons, lots of memories from the St. Paul Winter Carnival! Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to identify the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Winter Carnival Buttons Revealed:

1) On upper left side of puzzle on the Sounds like fun! button, King Boreas’ staff has changed to Klondike Kate’s mike.
2) On the blue 1929 Midway Winter Carnival button the number has changed from 5262 to 4693.
3) Vulcanette’s 1991 button has changed to the 1992 version.
4) The blue 1951 Junior Key Button has changed to the red 1950 version.
5) The Toys ’N Snowland button has rotated.
6) The 1959 and 1956 buttons have swapped locations.
7) The first 1886 Winter Carnival Coin has moved (smallest coin on the puzzle).
8) The 1887 Winter Carnival Coin has moved location (the largest coin on the puzzle).
9) A Vulcan Face has appeared on the “I Love Vulcans” button (this is the original version).
10) Large 2000 Winter Carnival Button in the upper right corner has moved to the lower left corner.
11) The large 2008 Winter Carnival Ice Skating Vulcan in the lower left corner has disappeared and the King Boreas version has appeared in the upper right corner.
12) Megan Erickson’s button now states “Ooh, La La!!!”
13) 2010 Klondike Kate is now facing the opposite direction.
14) The 1990 and the 1962 buttons have swapped locations.
15) The 2016 Winter Carnival button has moved to the center location in order to celebrate 130 years!
16) The Ask Me for Winter Carnival Buttons button has moved from the center location.
17) A new 1946 Victory button has taken the place where the 1950 Junior Key button used to be.
18) I Saw Ashes Swing in 1989…. Not 1988.
19) Notus and Zephyrus swapped locations.
20) The green ribbon on the red key has changed to blue.
21) The 2013 Winter Carnival button in the lower right corner has changed to the 2014 version with King Boreas.
22) The 1976 Centennial button now has the commemorative patch beside it.
23) The green Midway Winter Carnival Button number has changed from 4693 to 5262.
24) The Crown icon and Vulcan icon have swapped locations on the 1998 Legend Lives button.
25) The Bouncing Team Fun Meter is now at a max level!

26) Bonus – so small we’re afraid you might not have caught it… but the I Get A Rise Bouncing Team Button number changed from 90 to 19.

Were you able to find all the changes?

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 Winter Carnival and Legend Trivia Quiz:

Why was the Winter Carnival started?
A New York reporter wrote that St. Paul was “another Siberia, unfit for human habitation in winter.” The St. Paul Chamber of Commerce set out to prove that its citizens were very much alive during winter – thus the start of the Winter Carnival.

What year was the First Carnival held?

When was the first button created for the carnival?

After 16 years with no carnival, who started the carnival in 1916?
Louis W. Hill (James J. Hill’s son)

King Boreas, “King of the Winds” assigned powerful winds to each of his brothers. What were his brother’s names, respective wind and year each was featured on a button?

Titan – North Wind (first button 1960)

Euros – East Wind (first button 1962)

Zephyrus – West Wind (first button 1962)

Notus – South Wind (first button 1967)

Who was King Boreas’ relentless nemesis that tries to end the festivities?
Fire King Coal later renamed Vulcanus Rex.

How many of the 8 Vulcan Krewe can you name?
These Vulcans existed since the first carnival with their first button in 1951.

  • Vulcanus Rex (leader of the Vulcan Krewe)
  • Grand Duke Fertilious
  • Duke of Klinker
  • Count Embrious
  • Prince of Soot
  • Baron Hot Sparkus
  • General Flameous
  • Count of Ashes

What happens every year on the final day of celebration?
Vulcanus Rex and his trusty Vulcan Krewe overthrow King Boreas signaling an end to winter weather and the Winter Carnival.

Who painted the 100 Centennial button in 1986?
Leroy Neman – from St. Paul!

What sport was featured in 2004 and is considered a rare button?
NHL Hockey All Star Game

What was the 2007 button raise money for?
The Como Zoo polar bear exhibit

Who is Klondike Kate?
A lady of sass and song.  The first inaugural Klondike Kate competition was held in 1971, and won by Carol Carney. Each year, up to 10 women compete for this title.

When was the first Treasure Hunt for the medallion?
Pioneer Press teamed up with the St Paul Carnival in 1952. 12 clues are printed in their newspaper on 12 consecutive days.

How many Ice Palaces have been completed for the carnival?
Some argue the number but Pioneer Press claims 14 since 1886 with the last palace in 2004.  The ice palace is an internationally recognized icon for the festival.

What movie is based on the 500 mile dogsled race sponsored by the Winter Carnival in 1917?
Iron Will

How high does a typical Blanket Bouncing Girl get tossed up into the air?
The Blanket Bouncing Girls St Paul team tosses up to heights of 35 feet. Loosely affiliated with the first carnival that had both male & female blanket tossers.

When did the first Beer Dabbler debut?

When did the first Hot Dish contest debut?
Started in 2007 but discontinued as it was to costly to maintain.

What was the name of the movie that documented the Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest?
Wicker Kittens

How long did it take the winning team to finish the PuzzleTwist® 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Downtown St. Paul (painted by Michael Birawer) in 2015?
Adult Division Team finished in 90 minutes and the Family Division Team finished in 119 minutes.

Photos from the 2015 contest here.

Photos and Results from the 2016 Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest here!

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