Revealed: Winter City


  Here's the whole twist...


Winter City Puzzle

It's a crisp day in this whimsical winter city.  A few curious cats along with some other snowy mishaps may make you shiver with delight.  Did you discover the 32 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Winter City Revealed:

1) Red house window with X through it changed shape and now has a cat in the window

2) Sun has moved in the sky

3) Sun has a star in the middle of it now

4) Another tree has entered the scene in the sky

5) Smoke is coming out of three chimneys

6) An additional black bird has appeared on the tree

7) Owls appear in the tree

8) A squirrel is in the tree

9) Cream house upper left, the window has changed

10) Cream house upper left, the cat and light pole have switched directions

11) Pine tree has grown in front of the red house

12) Green house in the back row, square window is now a clock 

13) Blue house in the back row had three windows change locations

14) One black bird turned into a cardinal

15) Light blue house in the second row, roof changed to aqua shingles 

16) Blue house in the second row now has a cat in a window

17) Blue house in the second row has a bird on the light pole

18) Blue house in the second row has a candle in a window

19) Black house in middle had it’s roof change to purple with purple trim

20) Grey bird has turned into a bluejay

21) Black house in the middle, the cat in the window is now eyeing a fishbowl

22) A new tree grew on the right side of the cream house in the middle row

23) Chimney patterns changed on the three houses in front row

24) Left front row house has a cat on the roof

25) Left front row house windows in dormers switched locations

26) A mound of snow is in front of the house on bottom left side of puzzle

27) Four houses in the middle front row have become five houses

28) Green and blue houses in front row switched places

29) Star above the doors on the blue house is now a snowflake design (Winter Carnival Logo)

30) Purple house and white house flopped locations

31) The artist, Karla Gerard’s signature moved 

32) A girl with pigtails appears in the window of the red house


Were you able to find all the changes?

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