Revealed: Winter Gnomes


  Here's the whole twist...


Such adorable gnomes enjoying lots of winter activities.  Many things have gone amiss as these folk frolic in the snow. Were you able to find the 34 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Winter Gnomes Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Whew, a new gnome arrived to help shovel the snow off the pond
  2. Cross-country ski gnome is making more tracks as he moves further along the trail
  3. Skier has scared away the squirrel and rabbit!
  4. The rabbit found a new hiding spot
  5. The gnome’s scarf is just a bit longer
  6. The tobogganing gnomes are further down the hill, and one of their red hats is now blue
  7. Another bird flew into the scene
  8. Gnome couple put ice skates on!
  9. Another rabbit appears in the bush
  10. The goat now has white and brown fur
  11. A squirrel appears where the rabbit disappeared
  12. A new skating gnome fell down (shown sitting on ice where # is shown below)
  13. Skating gnome with orange hat and outstretched arms has moved
  14. The gnome with green sweater and blue hat moved – was skating where the new gnome is sitting on the ice, now changed directions and skating where gnome with the orange hat just left
  15. The rabbit is looking the other way
  16. The gnome chopping wood has made progress - has a pile of wood nearby
  17. This gnome switched hats...
  18. ...with this gnome
  19. The squirrel disappeared
  20. Gnome finished making the snowperson
  21. The skating couple has moved
  22. Another gnome is helping shovel the pond
  23. These gnomes have spun around
  24. Gnome is having a snowball fight (taking quite a few hits)...
  25. ...with a gnome who has more snowballs!
  26. The gnome knitting a scarf is making progress - it is longer and yarn balls are smaller
  27. All of the snowballs are gone and now there’s a tree
  28. One mitten fell off the snowperson and is lying on the ground
  29. Gnome with a lantern is walking through the trees
  30. The rabbit has disappeared…
  31. Wait, there’s the rabbit
  32. The gnome’s coat changed color from gray to green
  33. Gnome with green hat and red coat moved to making snow angel here
  34. New gnome with blue hat & gray coat is joining the fun

Were you able to find all the changes?

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