Revealed: Winter Snow Jam


  Here's the whole twist...


Winter activities abound for Coalman the snowman, his cat and friends!  Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle.  Were you able to locate the 16 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Winter Snow Jam Revealed (left to right & top to bottom):

  1. Cat jumping through pine trees moved locations with the Coalman ski jumper -- each of them are facing a new direction (the borders moved with the image)
  2. Pine trees behind the snowboarding cat have changed colors
  3. A cat is jumping for his sled in place of Coalman the sledding snowman
  4. Coalman was going out for a pass and must have caught the football – as he is now running with the ball!
  5. The two hockey snowmen players traded locations, including the borders
  6. One of the two hockey players is now facing the other direction
  7. The image of the Coalman ski jumping (with the blue skis) has flopped so that he’s looking the other direction with the moon & trees flopped as well
  8. The boy snowboarding also switched directions
  9. The football that the girl wants to catch was rotated – must be spin on the ball
  10. The guitar playing Coalman has joined a band with a drummer and bass guitar player, and the original guitar player now has a blue hat and scarf
  11. The band is playing under a crescent moon with trees in the background and foreground
  12. The cat ski jumping is wearing a yellow and white hat (no longer purple and white) to match his yellow skis
  13. The Coalman running with the football is now going out for a pass – his hat and scarf have a slightly different striped pattern
  14. The Coalman snowboarding in the lower left corner has his buttons of coal moved
  15. The sun and moon behind the cat waving “Hi” has changed colors
  16. The moon is on the rise in the bottom right corner where the Coalman snowboarder is jumping

Were you able to find all the changes?

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