Revealed: Wisconsin Life


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Autumn Delights

These fun patchwork-like images define the life of a Wisconsinite, including love of cheese, fishing, the Northwoods and the Packers.  As you celebrate all things Wisconsin, you will find many things have gone amiss. 

Were you able to find the 42 differences between the box cover and puzzle art.



Wisconsin Life Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Wheel of cheese is replaced with a wedge of cheese
  2. Under Cheese Curds, “Squeaky Fresh” was added
  3. The pine trees change to darker green with brown trunks
  4. Lake Superior image and background change color – now darker blue background with white lake
  5. Lake Michigan image moves to location #11
  6. Cow is now facing the other direction
  7. Axes move to location #5
  8. Wisconsin Old Fashioned has moved – now the orange slice and cherry are on the right side of the glass
  9. Some of the oars color change
  10. Coffee cup has been turned around -- handle is now on the right side
  11. Hockey sticks move to location #7 -- and a puck has been added!
  12. Bicycle changes color
  13. Background color of barn changes to light blue
  14. Pull tab changes into an ice fishing house
  15. Tent image moves to location #28
  16. and the moon is added to the night sky above the tent
  17. The stripe on the boat changes color and stickers were added to the bow...
  18. plus more waves appear in the water
  19. The lighthouse light has been turned on
  20. The word “CHEERS!” was added above the beer mugs
  21. There’s now a pair of snowshoes
  22. The brats have been flipped over
  23. The pines change to darker green with brown trunks
  24. The accordion has been moved...
  25. and now it just says “let’s POLKA”
  26. One of the mini states moves
  27. The color of the chair and background change
  28. Supper Club moves to location #15
  29. This cow is now facing the other direction
  30. Chair color changes here
  31. Top pull tab is now open
  32. Wheel of cheese is replaced with a wedge of cheese
  33. Under Cheese Curds, “Squeaky Fresh” was added
  34. These brats have also been flipped over
  35. Letters of DEER CAMP are a different color...
  36. and the words DRINK and HUNT swap
  37. The four darker images here move (top swaps with bottom, and right swaps with left); as well as 3 of these flip/face different directions
  38. The word “CHEERS!” was added above the beer mugs
  39. Fat tire bike gets replaced with a baseball sign
  40. State and heart colors change – now red state with white heart
  41. 13 Championships is replaced with fat tire bike (fat tire bike looks like the one in location #39, but different colors)
  42. Snowflake background changes from light blue to light gray

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Answers to Wisconsin Trivia

What was Wisconsin originally called?

Over time with more English speakers in the area, the French spelling was changed to the English “W.” The state officially became known as Wisconsin 7/4/1836.

What are other names for Wisconsin?
America’s Dairyland, Badger State (nickname)

Name Wisconsin’s state symbols:
Bird - Robin
Flower - Wood Violet
Tree - Sugar Maple
Fish - Muskie
Rock - Red Granite
Dance - Polka

Wisconsin ranks where in US milk production?
Second (only to CA) in milk production; Wisconsin accounts for ~14% of the country’s total production (according to Wisconsin Watch).

How many lakes are in Wisconsin?
About 15,000 – ranked #2 in the most lakes in US (#1-Alaska, #3-Minnesota)

Which 2 national forests are in Wisconsin?
Chequamegon and Nicolet National Forests – 2 forests, but they are managed as one; cover more than 1.5 million acres of Wisconsin’s Northwoods!

What is the name of the largest cross country ski race in the US and where is it held?
American Birkebeiner brings 5,000+ competitors to Cable

Where are the international Lumberjack World Championships held?Hayward, WI

Which city is known as the Freshwater Surf Capital of the World
(hint: also the Bratwurst Capital of the World)?
Sheboygan, WI has also been a surf destination for over 50 years because of its location, it has some of the best waves on the Great Lakes. You can surf all year, but prime time is winter. 

Sheboygan was also named Bratwurst Capital of the World in 1970 by Judge Bolgert (fun article:

Which Wisconsin county has the most shoreline than any county in the US?
Door County with over 250 miles

How many deer roam Wisconsin woods?
About 1.67 million in 2022 (post hunt)!

What chair is famous in Madison and why?
The Terrace chair or sunburst chair is a 90-year-old campus tradition. Three specific colors: John Deere green and yellow, and Allis Chalmers orange. Meant to pay tribute to WI’s farming .

Which city is called the Toilet Paper Capital of the World?
Green Bay, WI. Northern Paper Mills was founded in Green Bay in 1901 and became the largest producer of toilet paper in the world. (Quilted Northern, Brawny paper towels). They were the first to make splinter-free toilet paper.

On the puzzle, what does 13 Championships refer to?
The Packers hold an NFL record of 13 championships, including four Super Bowl titles. Green Bay, WI has the nickname of Titletown!

Who wore #19 for the Milwaukee Brewers?
Robin Yount. He was the third overall pick in 1973 MLB draft and made his debut at age 18 in 1974. He spent his entire 20-year career in MLD for the Milwaukee Brewers and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

What is special about the years 1977 and 2021 for Wisconsin?
These are the two years that the Milwaukee Bucks have won the NBA Championship.

Who wrote the song Jump Around and why is it significant to Wisconsin?
American hip hop group House of Pain, produced by DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill. This is one of the WI Badgers great college football traditions – the song is played between third and fourth quarters.

What is different about a true Wisconsin Old Fashioned?
Bourbon is swapped for the brandy

Why is New Glarus beer sold only in Wisconsin?
Owners say they don’t want – or need – to deal with the byzantine tax and distribution systems that come with selling their beer outside their home state. Spotted Cow is one of New Glarus’ unfiltered brews, meaning the brewer’s yeast is still in it.

Which city is recognized as the Beer Capital of the World?
Bonus: Name at least three major breweries in that city.
Milwaukee, WI.  Major breweries include Miller, Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz, mid-level breweries include Gettelman, Cream City, Independent. 

Makes sense the Milwaukee American league team is called the Brewers – with such a rich beer brewing history in Milwaukee.

Which lottery game is exclusive to Wisconsin and your best bet to win?
Wisconsin Badger 5 is a 5/31 lotto game started in 2003 and is tied with Minnesota Northstar Cash for having the lowest odds of any lotto game in the country! Did you know that this is considered the lowest odds to win (best chance to win lower value) versus highest odds to win (least likely to win, but would be largest amount)?

What Wisconsin architectural landmarks is shown on this puzzle?
Milwaukee Art Museum with its striking sail-like shape

Name a famous architect who was born in Wisconsin.
Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin

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