Revealed: Wisconsin Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

What a crazy day in Wisconsin. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 47 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Wisconsin Spirit Revealed:
    1. Freight ship has come into Lake Superior
    2. Kayakers have paddled their way into Lake Superior
    3. One hot air balloon has rotated and colors have changed positions
    4. The baskets on the two hot air balloons have switched places
    5. A lone fisherman has decided to try his luck under the lift bridge
    6. Apples are now abundant within Bayfield
    7. The Bodeans are playing a concert at the Big Top Chautauqua
    8. Sailboats are making their way toward the Apostle Islands
    9. A bald eagle has landed on a post in northern Wisconsin
    10. Two lumberjacks are now competing at Lumberjack Days
    11. A woodpecker has also joined in the fun at Lumberjack Days
    12. Tourists are peering out of the mouth of the muskie
    13. A fawn has joined his parents in the upper right corner of the puzzle
    14. Who knew? The Hodag is a Cheese Head!
    15. Someone left their campfire stool out at their campsite
    16. The State Theater’s marquee has changed as Bon Iver is in town
    17. Someone turned the lights on in Eau Claire
    18. The Badger’s have given Paul Bunyan his axe back after winning it from the Gophers
    19. Paul Bunyan has found his suspenders
    20. Babe the Blue Ox appears to be a little steamed
    21. One more bird appears to the birdwatchers delight
    22. The birdwatchers have traded jerseys
    23. Car driving down River Road is displaying allegiance towards the Bucks
    24. A mouse has found cheese
    25. A golf ball is approaching the green
    26. The cherry trees in Door County are in full bloom
    27. A paddleboat is making it’s way up the Mississippi
    28. The biggest 6 pack has changed it’s brand!
    29. Someone has raised the United States flag above the Grandad Bluff
    30. Someone is jumping across Stand Rock at Wisconsin Dells
    31. The water slide is BLUE
    32. Fans are cheering Go Pack Go!
    33. Lighthouse above Milwaukee has beacon on
    34. The Oshkosh Air Show is about to arrive
    35. The Brewers must have hit a home run as Bernie is making his way down the slide
    36. The Duck Boat is displaying Wisconsin Dells
    37. It’s game day as the fans have filled Camp Randall Stadium
    38. A Badger receiver is going deep
    39. People are checking out the view from the Infinity Room at the House on the Rock
    40. Across the river another fisherman has joined the scene and has a fish on the line
    41. A baby fawn has appeared across the river
    42. Flowers in the lower left corner across the river have changed colors
    43. The fish in the Mississippi have changed the direction of their jump
    44. The Milwaukee Art Museum is in flight!
    45. Fall colors have come out in the lower right portion of Wisconsin
    46. Colors that make up the word Wisconsin have changed
    47. Those University pranksters are at it again as Lady Liberty appears in Madison

Were you able to find all the changes?

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