Revealed: Woodland Skaters


  Here's the whole twist...

Woodland Skaters

What a beautiful snowy evening filled with lots of activity in the woods.  Many things have gone amiss while these woodland animals gather at the ice rink.  Were you able to find the 36 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Woodland Skaters Revealed:
1. New hill appears in the background providing even more sledding options
2. There is a new house nearby – with outhouse, tracks and pine trees (the tree that was there has been removed)
3. Friendly neighbor from the house is waving
4. Two deer (a fawn and buck) are checking out the winter activity
5. Two more pine trees appear in the back
6. Two new small trees appear near the rink
7. Some trees have been decorated with red balls
8. Animal tracks are by the outhouse on the right side
9. Bare tree has changed behind house and evergreens
10. Chimney moved and wind is blowing the smoke in the other direction
11. Tree behind the house moved to different location
12. Second colorful quilt hangs on the clothesline
13. Snowflake ornament decorates the door
14. House color changed behind snowflake on the door
15. Windows have another window pane
16. Red birdhouse was moved to the tree on bottom of puzzle
17. Lantern hangs in place of the red birdhouse
18. Bird moved to another branch for a closer look
19. Fox appears…
20. …chasing two fast rabbits
21. Tracks appear in the snow to the right of the path near the house
22. Pine tree on the right has grown
23. Different snowman appears next to the pine tree – with blue scarf, adjusted arms
24. Squirrel is looking for nuts below the pine tree
25. Artist’s signature was moved from lower right to lower left
26. Another sly fox has joined the skaters
27. New string of lights is hanging from the trees on the bottom of puzzle
28. Skating raccoon and rabbit swapped locations on the ice rink
29. New black cat sitting on the bench
30. Mug of hot chocolate moved on the bench
31. New thermos appears on the bench
32. New bird is in the tree next to the bench
33. Another snowman was built behind the bench – no wait – it’s the snowman that was by the pine tree – magical!
34. Red cardinal lands in the pine tree on the left side of puzzle to watch the skaters
35. Another birdhouse and bird appear on the left side of puzzle
36. It’s snowing even harder!

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