Where's Maynard: Crazy for Loons!


  Here's the whole twist...

Maynard Hint #1:

Maynard is generally very small. About the size of a puzzle piece knob. He often appears as a watermark. Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #2:

Have you noticed all the new baby loons that have joined the scene?  Maynard is fascinated with these little creatures.  He's even getting the full experience of being a new loonlet by spending time in the same location they spend most of their time.  Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #3:

Did you know when baby loons hatch, they can't regulate their own body temperature at first?  It takes several days for baby loons to be able to stay warm on their own.  So, for several days, they swim only for short periods and then climb up on their parent's back.  Their thick down feathers keep their skin dry, but they get chilled pretty fast.  Baby loons get warmth from riding on mom or dad's back!  Maynard is testing this out.  Can you find him?

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You'll find Maynard riding on the back of the loon with the red coloring:

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