Where's Maynard: Scandinavia


  Here's the whole twist...

Maynard Hint #1:

Maynard is tough to find. When in Scandinavia, he loves to eat all the unique foods of the area. Swedish meatballs, Norwegian waffles, Danish pastries, and especially pickled herring and lutefisk. Yum!
Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #2:

Herring is very popular in Scandivavia. Not only pickled, but also grilled or smoked. But did you know that salmon, sea trout, pike, and perch are also popular, with salmon being the most popular of all in Norway, Finland and Sweden? It's true!

Can you find Maynard?

Maynard Hint #3:

Last hint. Maynard loves to swim...just like all those popular fish! Look closely in the water.

Can you find him?

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You'll find Maynard on the head of the fish:


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