Where's Maynard: Tour of Lights


  Here's the whole twist...

Maynard Hint #1:

Maynard is tough to find.  He loves Bentleyville.  So many amazing things to see.  Getting a ride in a helicopter to see from a birds eye view... or better yet from the height of Santa's sleigh.  What a site to behold!                            
Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #2:

The lights are brilliant.  Especially on a very dark night...makes the lights seem even brighter.  However, tonight there's some light reflected from the sun. 

Can you find Maynard?

Maynard Hint #3:

Last hint. With all these lights, Maynard thinks Bentleyville can be a romantic location to take a date.  Imagine listening to Dean Martin's song That's Amore while walking through the Tour of Lights under the stars and...

Can you find him?

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Are you done searching for him?






Ready for the reveal?







Did you recall the lyrics to That's Amore?  When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie... that's amore.  Maynard is the Man in the Moon: