Cabin Rules

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Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box!
What happened here?

About the Artists:
The art duo of Lindsay Nohl and Chris Hajny created Cabin Rules as a guide for enjoying the simple pleasures of cabin life.  At the time this puzzle was created they were co-owners of the Light Grey Art Lab illustration gallery and Paper Bicycle product design studio, as well as instructors at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  Drawing from their own enjoyment of the outdoors, Cabin Rules was created –  one puzzle we're certain you will enjoy exploring!

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Ann Berne-Rannow
Cabin Rules

If you are looking for a fun challenge and you enjoy the Northwoods, "Cabin Rules" is the puzzle for you. Distinct blocks for each subject made this one easy to do without any help from the online hints, plus enough anchor pieces that match the cover to assemble the changes around them.


Absolutely love the puzzle twist line. A fun challenge.

This was so much fun!

I have never been into puzzles, but this was so much fun to put together. I loved some of the surprises and the joy of finding a piece I was searching for to complete a section. I am going to buy more. And, this is beautiful, I plan to frame it and hang it in my cabin!

Larry Solway
Cabin Rules

We found all 17 changes before checking your website, did not realize the extra figure by the stars was Maynard. Quite the challenge, very enjoyable!!!

Kathy Drengler
Addicted to Puzzle Twist Puzzles

My Granddaughters have gifted me two of these puzzles - a 500 and 1000 piece puzzle - as they know that I love to do Jig Saw puzzles.
I have since done another 500 and 1000 piece puzzle and absolutely love them. Can’t wait to start another one!