Candy Cravings

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Here's the twist:
The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box!
Can you find all the differences?

Candy Cravings takes you on a delicious journey through an artistic photograph of sweets from past and present. A jigsaw puzzle that will tempt your taste buds and leave you smiling… cavity free!!!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stacy J
Missing Pieces...Disappointed

We were excited to complete your puzzle but came up short about 8 pieces. After reading reviews this seems typical of the product. Sorry to hear this because it makes it hard to purchase again. It's a disappointment to finish and not have enough. However, I appreciate it if I got the missing pieces, so I can at least pass this one along. However, I will break it down and never do it again even when the pieces come. I would recommend a better packaging facility!!

HI Stacy,
Sorry to hear about your missing pieces. I know how frustrating this can be. This is actually a very rare occurrence for us. However, it can happen. I am sorry for your frustration.

We are happy to provide you with replacent pieces. I will reach out to you with an additional email to see if we can make things right by you . Again, we are sorry about the missing pieces.

Jill Eddy
Missing a piece

This was a fun twist to the puzzle image on the box! However, it was my first time doing the puzzle and it's missing a piece, smack dab in the middle...part of the green wax bottle. Is that part of the twist?! 🤣

Sorry to hear about the piece that got away. Please email us a picture of the puzzle from a birds-eye-view along with your mailing address and we will get you a replacement piece asap.

Mary Ann
So fun

I didn’t realize it was a “Twist” puzzle until after I started working on it but loved the challenge. There are so many small details that this puzzle took me a little longer to complete than normal but it really was fun and it brought back childhood memories. Unfortunately, there is a piece missing. I’ve searched all over the chairs and floor and am hoping it turns up rather than it truly didn’t make it into the original packaging. I’ll definitely buy another Puzzle Twist!

Mary Ann,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your missing piece.

A common place where pieces get lost is within the plastic bag the puzzle was originally shipped in. When emptying the puzzle out of the plastic bag a piece or few pieces may get hung up in the plastic without you realizing it. Can you check the plastic bag that the puzzle was packed in to just make sure the piece isn’t there?

If not there… we'd be happy to send you a replacement piece. If you can take a birds-eye-view photo of where the piece is missing (so we can identify the shape and location of the piece) and also take a birds-eye-view photo of a corner section of the puzzle (so we can identify the specific die cut used) then we can send you a replacement.

Please include your address and a replacement piece will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We're about 80% successful in finding missing pieces. If we are unable to find a replacement we will contact you with an alternative solution.

We appreciate you assembling a PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle and we hope you will continue to look for our puzzles in the future.

Best regards,


Sharri Wenger
So fun!!!

Out first Puzzle Twist was the Iowa one and we loved finding all the differences. This one was much easier because we knew what to expect. I also think the candy was easy because it was things we have seen before but just moved or things were added. I can't wait to do another one!

Larry George
Hate it!

Why do you idiots do this? I go by the picture on the box.


Sorry you didn't enjoy the twist. We realize our twist isn't for everyone. In the future... if it would help to have the actual image of the puzzle just email us and we'll be happy to send it your way. In the end... we just want you to have a fun jigsaw puzzle experience.