Minnesota Landmarks

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Mark Herman is an award-winning commercial graphic artist, designer and illustrator.  His true passion is creating his own iconic graphic art – depictions of landmarks and other notable moments.  In this PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle Mark captures a number of iconic landmarks throughout his home state of Minnesota.

The Twist - Mixed Up!™ - A Shuffle of tiles, a picture exchange – how the final arrangement will appear is a mystery waiting to be solved.


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Joseph suhon

What an awesome puzzle. All of your puzzles are so much fun and challenging. Looking forward to seeing new ones at the state fair.

Jessica Malvin
Good Challenge

We had so much doing this puzzle! It is our lunch break fun at work. Everyone loved it and wanted us to keep it up!


We loved that it wasn't like every other puzzle, but had a twist. It was so much fun!!

Brian Boesc
missing piece

Nothing like trying to do a puzzle and having a piece of Canal Park missing.

HI Brian,
Sorry to hear about the missing piece. Please send us a photo of the area with the lost piece with your address and we can send you a replacement piece. Appreciate you trying our puzzles. Tony

Monica Carlson
Piece is missing.

Good Mn cold January puzzle to put together. Planned on framing it, but a piece is missing. Not sure what to do now.

Hi Monica,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your missing piece.

A common place where pieces get lost is within the plastic bag the puzzle was originally shipped in. When emptying the puzzle out of the plastic bag a piece or few pieces may get hung up in the plastic without you realizing it. Can you check the plastic bag that the puzzle was packed in to just make sure the piece isn’t there?

If not there… we'd be happy to send you a replacement piece. If you can take a birds-eye-view photo of where the piece is missing (so we can identify the shape and location of the piece) and also take a birds-eye-view photo of a corner section of the puzzle (so we can identify the specific die cut used) then we can send you a replacement.
Best regards,