Missouri Spirit

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Here's the Twist:
The image on the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle in the box.  What happened here?

About the artist:
Nancy Patrick Carney is known for her imaginatively stylized landscapes!  We're excited to include her latest creation, Missouri Spirit, as one of our puzzles. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jami Fowler
Missing a piece

We had the best time doing this over Christmas only to find out that we are missing a piece!!!! Was it supposed to be that way?!?

Yikes! No. You shouldn't have a missing piece. Send us a photo with your return address and we will ship you a replacement piece. So happy to hear you enjoyed the puzzle!


We LOVE our Something’s Amiss puzzles, and this one was not a disappointment! We had so much fun with this one. My only downside is that we came to the end and realized we were missing a piece. Still a fun puzzle, I just wish we had the last piece!

Hi Ally,

Yay! Appreciate the nice review and fun to hear you enjoy our puzzles.

In regards to the missing piece... a common place where pieces get lost is within the plastic bag the puzzle was originally shipped in. When emptying the puzzle out of the plastic bag a piece or few pieces may get hung up in the plastic without you realizing it. Can you check the plastic bag that the puzzle was packed in to just make sure the piece isn’t there?

If not there… we'd be happy to send you a replacement piece. If you can take a birds-eye-view photo of where the piece is missing and send that to us with your return address, we'll ship you out a replacement.

Thanks for doing our puzzles!

Mama Bear
A fun Challenge

Wow, this was a challenge! In the beginning stages of putting this puzzle together I thought, “Do my kids hate me or love me?” Haha! It took me the longest time to put the boarder together. Also taking frequent breaks and coming back with fresh eyes helped me find the correct piece! I did the majority of the puzzle without looking at the box and I feel very satisfied that I completed it without help!

Lots of fun

Love Puzzle Twist!!! Company very responsive with questions and help with replacing a missing piece on another puzzle. Wanted to give them some more business so I ordered this one. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Great Challenge

This was a little slow a first but it forced me to look at the pieces rather than depending on the picture on the box. I believe a true puzzle expert should NOT use the picture to complete the puzzle.

Don't give up, you can win. My record for this puzzle is 5 days. How did you do?

By the way, the Tiger now has a tail.