National Parks and Treasures

National Parks and Treasures

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Influenced by nostalgic art Steve Thomas has an illustration style that transcends generations.  His art will have you reminiscing past family vacations to the national parks and planning your next one.  We hope you enjoy piecing together this colorful, scrambled road trip of our national parks and treasures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Loved this puzzle. Found it more than a little challenging but so fun when the parks came together.good quality.

Amber DeBo
Fun challenge for younger kids (with an adult)

I'm a National Park Ranger and my 6 year old nephew is a puzzle fiend. Kids puzzles are too easy for him, but adult puzzles are too hard. This puzzle was great for him...once I had it started, he had just enough of a challenge. Each "poster" is like it's own little mini puzzle, which made it doable for him despite being an adult puzzle. I highly recommend this puzzle! My own suggestion would be a couple more Maynards! Finding him at the end is one of our favorite parts, and it'd be great if there were more than once of him to find. I'd love to see another NPS sites puzzle, this time with national monuments or maybe battlefields!

Great puzzle!

Enjoyed putting the puzzle together with my six year old son. Bummed that we were missing two pieces…. Were hoping to hang it on his wall.

Yay! So happy to hear you enjoyed the puzzle.

Check the plastic bag the puzzle originally came in. Good chance you will find the two pieces got hung up in the bag when you originally took the pieces out. If not there... send us a photo of the area where the pieces are missing and we'll send you a replacement pieces.

Thanks so much for doing one of our puzzles.


Great puzzle challenge!

Really enjoyed doing this puzzle and it drew in others as I neared completion. Artwork is superb and the National Parks theme was very enjoyable. (I've been to about half of them.) Only slight downside was that there were more "close but not quite right" piece moments during the solving than with other puzzles. But I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could!

Beautiful and Fun!

This kept us up until 2:30 am! Loved the graphics, the quality, the vibrant colors, and the Mixed Up image. My husband was able to find Maynard the next day. What a great puzzle. I will be buying more!