North Shore

North Shore

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If you've ever visited Minnesota's North Shore, you'll be drawn to the scenic nature of the areas lakes and woodsdepicted in this stunning photography Whether a majestic lighthouse, breathtaking sunset or splendid color transformation of leaves in the fall, you'll be transfixed by this puzzle with a twist.

The twist: A shuffle of tiles, a picture exchange – how the final arrangement will appear is a mystery waiting to be solved. Your strategy of assembling the puzzles' border first will throw you for a loop, as some of the snapshots switch places.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome images, challenging Maynard

Loved the images by Mr. Barthel, who definitely captured the majesty of the North Shore. The whites, rocks, leaves, and roots provided a great challenge, as well as little Maynard. Thank you for the fun puzzle!

Impossible Maynard

We really enjoy the Twist puzzles and usually enjoy finding Maynard as well - except for this puzzle. After we had searched way too long, our grand daughter found him. Even after finding him, we were not really sure as some of his detail crossed another piece and was lost in the cut. Need to be sure Maynard is really Maynard after finding him. We should not need a magnifying glass!

Ugh.... we totally agree. With a few of our early puzzles we made Maynard way too difficult to find (because of the size and locations). In our more recent puzzles we believe you will find it more fun to locate him.

FYI - in the future, you can always double check that you did in fact find him by checking the reveal page on our web site.

Thanks so much for doing our puzzles and leaving feedback.


Fun puzzle

I just wish my family didn't hate me.

Ohhhhhh.... that is so sad.
Was it too much of a challenge for the family?
Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

A Blast to Put Together

The "North Shore" puzzle was a blast to put together! I, too, had received this puzzle for Christmas. I had done the bulk of it up at our cabin in Washington state in July. A week ago several friends came to our cabin and helped on it. I finished it last night.
Some puzzle pieces are weirdly shaped and add to the fun of putting it together. They are sturdy puzzle pieces, and even skinny parts on pieces don't bend and crack.

Challenging and fun

Got this as a Christmas gift from my sister. Thought it was both challenging and fun. The quality of the pieces and the reproduced images was very good. Great pictures, nice heavy pieces.