Sweet Surprise

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Your favorite candy bursting in bright, full color will create an image within the puzzle that can't be seen in black and white. The transition to Technicolor will tempt more than just your sweet tooth. When do you see the image?

Here's the twist: There's more than meets the eye with a colorful surprise, that's revealed before your eyes. The special twist will challenge your thoughts on what makes a puzzle great.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Oh boy

I live in a senior facility and we picked this puzzle to work on out of the numerous puzzles donated to us. What a challenge. We range from beginner to some of us that have been doing puzzles for decades. This one challenged even me and I started doing them with my father when I was about 10,so 57 years. We enjoyed and hated this one depending on our progress. Keep up the great work

Duh ! Now I See !

As I am putting the puzzle together I am thinking . . . so ? a pile of gummy candies ? Then I finished and . . . it is just gummy candy ? Then I read the reveal ! The trivia about the toucan - I didn't know that ! Then - of course ! there is the toucan in the gummy design . . . plain as day ! The colors were fun and uplifting ! What a cool idea ! Kudos to the design team !

I have never written a product review before - this one is special for you - Tony and Candace ! Thanks for all the Puzzle Twist fun !

Marilyn Miller
Challenging but very satisfying

I've never seen a puzzle like this before, and I was hesitant about it. However, it was a ton of fun, very challenging at times. Fun to try to guess the picture (I had certain assumptions, but I was way off!). It's a keeper to be framed for my wall because it was so hard and ended up so pretty.

Colleen M Bentley
Delight to do.

I really enjoyed doing this puzzle. Extra challenge not knowing where the colors go. I used the box as a guide for pieces. Yes get this puzzle.