Legacy of Nebraska

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Within this Mixed Up! series jigsaw puzzle you'll piece together a variety of Nebraska historical moments painted by Todd A. Williams.  The twist is that all these images will be in different locations on the actual jigsaw puzzle.  A puzzle within a puzzle!

Todd A. Williams, a Nebraska native and nationally acclaimed artist, was commissioned to create paintings representing each county in Nebraska to commemorate the state 150th year of statehood (1867 - 2017).  A small sampling of these works are included within this puzzle.  We hope you enjoy assembling his art which so beautifully illustrates the rich history that is Nebraska.  Thanks Todd!

To view more of Todd A. Williams art please visit:  www.toddwilliamsfineart.com 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fun for the Whole Family!

Our extended family has enjoyed working together to complete this challenging and engaging puzzle! Learning more about NE history and landmarks is an added benefit. Thank you, Maynard's LLC!


This puzzle was fun to piece together and enjoy beautiful Nebraska scenery. Doing each section and finding individual borders made it easier.

Sue Mahar

It didn't take long to see what the challenge of the Legacy of Nebraska puzzle was. The picture on the puzzle was not going to look like the final outcome of the puzzle! Not only was the final picture different, so were the individual pictures! Now my biggest challenge and frustration, was the ONE MISSING piece! Yes, a missing piece! Bottom edge of the prairie scene. My puzzle table has an edge, built so pieces can not fall off. I was the only person working on the puzzle. No pieces were able to fall off or walk away. The closer I came to completing the puzzle, I thought, was this missing piece another twist to the puzzletwist? SAD & FRUSTRATED!

Hi Sue.

I'm so sorry this puzzle experience has left you sad and frustrated and thank you for contacting us in regards to your missing piece. Let's see if we can make this right by you.

First, can you check the plastic bag that the puzzle was packed in. This is a common location where people lose pieces. They empty the puzzle out of the plastic bag not realizing all the pieces did not fall out.

If not there… we'd be happy to send you a replacement piece. If you can take a birds-eye-view photo of where the piece is missing (so we can identify the shape and location of the piece) and also take a birds-eye-view photo of a corner piece (so we can identify the specific die cut used) then we can send you a replacement.

Please include your address and a replacement piece will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We're about 80% successful in finding missing pieces. If we are unable to find a replacement we will contact you with an alternative solution. Hopefully we'll be able to turn that frown upside down. ;-)

We appreciate you assembling a PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle and we hope you will continue to look for our puzzles in the future.

Best regards,