Revealed: Birds of North America


  Here's the whole twist...

These beautiful backyard birds in their natural habitat are so much fun to watch. Did you put your keen observation skills to the test while searching for the 24 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?
Birds of North America Revealed:
    1. Now, which bird ate a couple of the blueberries in the top left corner?!
    2. Dark-eyed junco swapped places with the black-capped chickadee
    3. Blue butterfly is fluttering in the opposite direction
    4. Two new leaves appear (just beneath the house sparrow)
    5. Northern parula was replaced with a grace’s warbler
    6. A couple berries changed color (slightly lighter color)
    7. A berry disappears and there is a different moth near the red-breasted nuthatch and ruby-throated hummingbird
    8. New ladybug – getting pretty close to where the dark-eyed junco now rests
    9. Berry cluster flipped under branch (need strong observation skills to see that one!)
    10. Tan moth swapped places with speckled-colored moth (#12)
    11. New golden-crowned kinglet juvenile replaces the leaf
    12. Speckled colored moth now the tan moth from #10
    13. Top leaves are deeper color
    14. Daring little inchworm has eaten some leaves
    15. New striped-winged moth replaces three berries (travelled from near the ruby-throated hummingbird)
    16. American goldfinch caught butterfly or moth in it’s beak
    17. New berries replace the small insect near the goldfinch nest
    18. New butterfly replaces leaf just above the bullock’s oriole
    19. Golden-colored leaf changes to red
    20. Speckled-moth changes direction (lower left corner)
    21. Yellow-orange butterfly changes direction near the western tanager
    22. Black-capped chickadee flew to where the dark-eyed junco was perched
    23. Golden-crowned kinglet has some protein in her beck for the juvenile
    24. Brave red ladybug appears near the beak of the great spotted woodpecker
    25. I think I know which bird ate the blueberries (#1) – a blueberry now appears in the blue jay’s beak!

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