Revealed: Garden Tea Party


  Here's the whole twist...


What’s better than a midday break with a cup of tea -- enjoying it with some feathered friends in a beautiful garden. Were you able to find the 24 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Garden Tea Party Revealed:

  1. Teapot color has changed from green to bright, sunshine yellow
  2. If you look closely in the hole of the teapot, a nest was built!
  3. Flashes of fireflies magically appear and disappear. Did you spot all 5 moves (refer to picture below)
  4. The white and purple blooms of the allium (look like a tall ball flower) have swapped locations
  5. An additional tall deep-purple allium appears
  6. An American Goldfinch joins the scene on top of the newly added allium. Did you know that the American Goldfinch is the state bird for 3 states - Iowa, New Jeresy and Washington
  7. As the evening draws near, you’ll notice faint little stars throughout the sky
  8. A dragonfly appears in the sky
  9. A pink coneflower is now yellow near the fence
  10. Another pink coneflower is now white on the left side of the puzzle
  11. The fence posts have slightly changed with notches added
  12. Additional hollyhock appears above the fence (right side)
  13. The green teacup was moved to the pink teacup location and vice versa
  14. The purple teacup was turned, so the handle appears on the left side of the cup versus ride side
  15. A Black-capped Chickadee flew on top of the purple teacup. Did you know that this is the state bird for Massachusetts and Maine?
  16. A fern grows even taller in front of the fence post
  17. Additional bright yellow ball-shaped flowers (known as Billy Balls) appear in three locations
  18. A tasty new seed variety was added to the blue teacups
  19. The seed attracted another goldfinch on top of the left blue teacup!
  20. Four new, deep-blue hyacinth flowers appear
  21. The blue flowers must have spread from below the pink (now green) teacup to the lower right corner
  22. The artist’s signature moved from the right corner to the left corner
  23. Golden yellow tulips burst into the scene
  24. Surprise, a bird’s nest with eggs appears on the fence!


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