Revealed: Happy Trails


  Here's the whole twist...


Wishing you many Happy Trails!  Oh, the things that have gone amiss while exploring the great outdoors during a fun-filled camping adventure.  So many activities to chose from while you connect with nature.

Were you able to find the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


 Happy Trails Revealed:

  1. It is now later in the evening with the sky and clouds shifting colors
  2. Stars begin to twinkle, just visible in the evening sky
  3. A beautiful image of the moon shown in the sky
  4. Eagle is still flying – but moved in his flight
  5. Eagle and nest appears in the tree!
  6. Ducks are flying in sky looking for a place to land
  7. Paddle board has been used – removed from top of camper and now leaning along the rock shore
  8. Fire blazing in the fire pit
  9. Camping chair out facing the lake
  10. Hiking boots near the camping chair
  11. Guitar unpacked and ready for some campfire songs
  12. Bikes removed from camper. Looks like red bike might still be on a ride (blue bike only leaning against the camper)
  13. Coffee pot and mugs have been set on the rocks
  14. Prairie dog has left the scene
  15. Raccoon peaking around the tire – perhaps looking for any scraps
  16. Loon no longer along the shore
  17. Fish jumping in the water
  18. Deer gone as the campers have taken over the site
  19. Happy Trails color changed from green to orange
  20. Campfire image now a tent between the words Happy and Trails
  21. Camper paint job changed
  22. Additional stickers added to the camper window
  23. Vanity license plate supporting their love of puzzles
  24. Pop-up now up – with two individuals inside discussing their amazing day
  25. Camper has marked their spot with a white flag appearing above the camper

Were you able to find all the changes?

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