Revealed: Life is Better at the Lake


  Here's the whole twist...

Lake Puzzle

Enjoy a relaxing day at the lake. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to find the 17 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Life is Better at the Lake Revealed:

1. Someone decided to lounge in the hammock
2. A dog is resting under the hammock
3. An umbrella has joined the Enjoy Every Sunset scene
4. Skip Stones and the Worms images swapped locations
5. A few birds are flying in the sky above the worm bucket
6. A green canoe has turned orange – When in Doubt PADDLE OUT
7. Gone Fishing fish as changed directions
8. Catch You Later has been added to the Gone Fishing image
9. Two additional boats have Set Sail
10. Three fish are swimming around the bobber - Keep it Reel
11. Sand castle bucket has changed from pink to blue
12. Shovel by the sand castle bucket has changed locations
13. Saying by the sand castle bucket has changed to Build Castles
14. Additional stones appear by the stack of stones in the Skip Stones image
15. Boat drinks have been consumed and replaced with new flavors/colors
16. Three new people have taken to swimming (two in pink tubes)
17. Flip flops have been replaced with footprints in the sand

Were you able to find all the changes?

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