Revealed: Nordic Love


  Here's the whole twist...

Uff da – what happened here!  Many of your Scandinavian favorites have gone amiss.   Were you able to find the 30 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Nordic Love Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

    1. A skiing gnome appears in place of the coffee pot, coffee beans and heart!
    2. Sisu word changed to Takk
    3. Deer moved to where Viking image was located
    4. Fox is replaced with new blue Dala horse
    5. Bird in top right changes from blue to red color
    6. Rooster moved to where the deer was located
    7. Green coffee cup moves under skiing gnome, cup handle flips and accent dots on cup change color
    8. The word Mysa appears under the green coffee cup
    9. Flag of Finland moved to where the Flag of Denmark was located
    10. White daisies change colors to green and yellow
    11. Tall flower swaps location with tall flower labeled #22
    12. Blue heart turns red
    13. Word changed from Skol to Skal
    14. Teapot and cups on serving tray change color (from gray to blue) and an additional pastry appears
    15. Red/white colors of sail change on the Viking ship
    16. Mushroom changes shape and color
    17. Accent colors change on red Dala horse
    18. Flag for Norway moved to where the Flag of Sweden was located (on earlier editions of this puzzle we also modified the Norway flag but have since removed this twist).
    19. Yellow female gnome has replaced red male gnome
    20. Flag of Sweden moved to where the Flag of Finland was located
    21. Yellow/green flowers change to white daisies
    22. Tall flower swaps location with location labeled #11
    23. Flag of Denmark moved to where the flag that resembles the Flag of Norway was located
    24. Viking falls off the puzzle – moves underneath the gnome
    25. Gnome moves up and is slightly smaller
    26. Red heart turns blue
    27. Takk word changed to Sisu
    28. Sprig appears on Julbock
    29. Mushroom changes color and shape
    30. Wait… that Viking that disappeared… his helmet grew horns!

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