Revealed: Old Time Hockey


  Here's the whole twist...

Drop the puck! Hockey is such a fast moving game that requires speed, agility and stamina, it's no wonder many things have gone amiss in this puzzle assembly.

Were you able to catch the 28 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Old Time Hockey Revealed:

Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. The Miracles?! banner changed color (red background with white lettering)
  2. The referee is calling a different penalty (now elbowing)
  3. The hat moved to the rink rat (location #18) – and now says HOCKEY TIME
  4. A Donny Brook broke out with arm and skate jockeying positions
  5. The goalie’s pads change color (now blue)
  6. Light the LAMP words and lamp moved to Drop the Puck (location #17)
  7. Color of background and lettering on this quote changes
  8. Background by Wayne Gretzky changed - “The Great One” now recognized
  9. Power Play changes to Penalty Kill!
  10. Some lucky kids caught a ride on the Zamboni
  11. Number changed from #9 (Gordie Howe) to #4 (refer to the trivia!)
  12. Hockey lettering changed colors
  13. The banner changed from Defense to Offense
  14. The referee made a different call (now delayed offsides)
  15. The Original Six is replaced with Gordie Howe hat trick list
  16. Another referee makes a different call (now goal scored!)
  17. Drop the Puck words and puck moved to Light the Lamp (location #6)
  18. The rink rat moved to the hat (location #3) – and changed direction
  19. A different player on pond takes a slapshot!
  20. The phrase in the goal changes (now Top Shelf) and puck moves accordingly (in fact sails through the back of the net)
  21. The flow hair color changed
  22. The referee gets replaced with Hockey Dad beer mug
  23. Saying changes to Drop the Mitts!
  24. Sin Bin color changes
  25. A couple stars disappear (if you look closely the stars move near the rink rat and goalie glove, appear slightly larger)
  26. It takes a team to win the cup!
  27. It’s now the Stanley Cup
  28. Ice background gets rink lines added throughout – look closely for the blue and red lines in the background (very subtle)!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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Answers to the HOCKEY trivia:


What do these hockey terms mean: five hole, slapshot, sin bin, hat trick, chiclets and shut out?
Five hole - the puck went between the goalie's legs
Slapshot – powerful shot made with full backswing of the stick
Sin bin – the penalty box where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty
Hat trick – player scores 3 goals in a single game
Chiclets – teeth!
Shut out – goaltender who stops the other team from scoring the entire game

Why are hockey pucks kept frozen?To keep them from bouncing. Warmer pucks would risk going airborne - possibly injuring players and fans. There are about 12 pucks used in each hockey game, as pucks get replaced as they thaw.

What teams were the Original Six?
The Original Six hockey teams, consisted of the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs.  These were the only teams in the NHL from 1942 to 1967.

Who was Herb Brooks?
American hockey player and coach, native of St. Paul, inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame in 1990.  Herb played for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers from 1955 to 1959.  He was the last player cut from the 1960 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team that would go on to be the first American hockey team to win an Olympic gold medal.  He did play on both teams in the 1964 and 1968 Olympics – but neither team won a medal.  Brooks became head coach of the Minnesota Gophers from 1972-1979 – winning 3 NCAA Division 1 national titles over 7 seasons with the Gophers.

His most notable achievement came in 1980 as head coach of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic team at Lake Placid.  In 2004, a movie was made about this win (Miracle on Ice).  He has coached multiple NHL teams as well as the French team in the 1998 Winter Olympics.

What famous player wore #99 and what record does he hold?
Wayne Gretzky - the number 99 was officially retired league-wide in 2000. 

Wayne holds 61 NHL records – notably the record for most goals (1,016) and assists (2,223)  -- scored the most points by nearly 1,000! 

Check out this article:

What famous NHL players wore #4?
Bobby Orr is considered the greatest defenseman of all time (redefining this position).  He was the first defenseman to lead the NHL in scoring (120 points in 1969-70 season) – including record 87 assists.  He won the Hart, Art Ross, Norris and Conn Smythe trophies in one season, something no one else has done in NHL history.

Other great NHL players wearing #4 included: Jean Belivequ, Red Kellly, Vincent Lecavalier

Still others include: Newsy Lalonde, Bill Gadsby, Allan Stanley, Leo Boivin, Guy Lapointe, Harry Watson, Ron, Francis, Scott Stevens, Mark Howe, Rob Blake, Kevin Lowe

Who is considered the greatest female hockey player of all time?
Hayley Wickenheiser, Canadian ice hockey player, who is widely considered the greatest female hockey player of all time.  Inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame, 4-time Olympic gold medalist in women’s hockey.  She is Canada’s all-time leader in international goals (168), assists (211) and points (379).  She was also the first women to score a goal in the men’s professional league. She played in a Finnish men’s hockey league in 2002-03. Currently, in second year of residency to become a doctor.

Where is Hockeytown?
Warroad, Minnesota has been referred to as "Hockeytown" for over 50 years (since the 1950s). It started because boys from this town began winning Olympic hockey medals.  At one point, Minnesota’s capital city tried to declare itself as “Hockeytown” with banners around the Civic Center, but Governor Rudy Perpich (among others) noted that “Warroad is, was, and will always be the true Hockeytown.”  Banners came down – and St. Paul shifted to a declaration to “Minnesota’s Hockey Capital.” 

Signs proclaiming Detroit, Michigan as “Hockeytown” started to appear in the late 1990s (40 years after Warroad) driven by the Red Wings winning their first Stanley Cup in 1997.  As of 2023, the Red Wings have won 11 - the most Stanley Cup championships of any NHL franchise based in the United States.  The use of the name seems to be at a bit of an impasse – Detroit’s move to copyright the name means that Warroad cannot prevent them from using it.  Likewise, Warroad’s long history would probably mean Detroit would lose a legal challenge. 

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How did the Zamboni get its name?
The first ice resurfacer was developed by American inventor and engineer Frank Zamboni in 1949 in the city of Paramount, California. As such, an ice resurfacer is often referred to as a "Zamboni" as a genericized trademark.

What game was dubbed the Miracle on Ice?
The United States beat Soviet Union 4-3 at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid winning the gold medal – one of the biggest upsets in sports history.  The Americans had lost to the USSR 10-3 in their final exhibition game before the Olympics.  The Miracle on Ice is considered one of the top sports moments of all time.

What team has the most Stanley Cup wins?
Montreal Canadians (24), Toronto Maple Leafs (13) – and Red Wings (11)

The Montreal Canadians are the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team and only existing NHL club to predate the founding of the NHL itself!

Where are U.S. Pond Hockey Championships held each year?
The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships are an annual pond hockey event on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is an amateur tournament but does draw pro and college players too.  Teams compete for the Golden Shovel.

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