Revealed: Pike Place Market


  Here's the whole twist...

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market brings us right into the heart of Seattle. The market is recognized for locally grown produce, quality foods, unique goods, handcrafted products and art.

On this particular day a number of things have gone amiss.  Did you find all the differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image? 


Pike Place Market Revealed:

Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

1) It is a bit later in the day… according to the neon clock

2) Cantaloupe and blood oranges switched bins

3) Dude in white shirt is eating a banana

4) Fish is being tossed back -  flying in a new direction

5) Guy is now pushing his bike in the opposite direction

6) The two cars in the lower left corner have changed colors

7) An additional orange traffic cone appears on the street (near Rachel the Piggy Bank).

8) Gentleman in orange shirt on the right side is now wearing a green shirt

9)  Fire hydrant is now red!

10) Lights in a few windows appear to be turned on (now yellow) in the building under the Meet The Producer sign

11) Cat appears in the window adjacent to the Lasalle Hotel sign

12) One set of windows adjacent to the Lasalle Hotel sign is now red

13) A plane appears overhead

14) Person in the blue raincoat has made progress walking further to the right

15) Some flowers are blooming (notice the reds, yellows and greens) atop the building marquee

16) Accordion player joins the scene with a musical performance

17) Woman in orange carrying the Starbuck's bag has moved and is now walking in the opposite direction (changed locations with the person in the blue raincoat)

18) Additional amber and two yellow lights appear above the Pike Place Bakery

19) The old man’s pipe is now smoking!

20) The moon is out as clouds shift and sky lightens a bit

21) Women in green sweater now has her dog on leash; shifted her drink and purse accordingly

22) Ladder behind Public Market Center sign is now on the left-hand side

23) Person with a few red flowers (in front of the bakery) now has a larger beautiful bouquet!

24) Guy walking with his bike has some more produce and a fish in his basket

25) Some bananas are on the scale and the weight displayed has changed

26) Brickwork has been modified on the Corner Market building (upper right corner)

27) Window next to the neon open sign is tilted in the opposite direction

28) We Ship sign moved to the left the Place Pigalle sign

29) Boy in the red sweatshirt and green hat has moved from the left to the right of Rachel the Piggy Bank

30) Man in the orange sweatshirt carrying Chinese takeout moved near the piggy bank (he came from the location that the accordion player appears, and moves to the location the boy in the red sweatshirt was standing)

Bonus #31) Did you notice the license plate now reads “PIKE PL”

Bonus #32) Look again, at the legs of the two ladies shopping for produce (they swapped socks and shoes!)

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Revealed - Pike Place Market

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