Revealed: Rural Life - Spring to Summer


  Here's the whole twist...

Rural Life - Spring to Summer Revealed!

Congratulations on finishing the jigsaw puzzle…did you find all the changes that occurred on this farm from spring to summer.

Some of the seasonal changes that you may have noticed include:

  • Sky darkens with a setting sun and many stars appearing.
  • Trees now appear as silhouettes in the background.
  • Grain is slightly lower in the silo
  • Four sheep went into the barn with one poking his head out of the lite doorway of the barn.
  • Sunflower (vs. pinwheel design) appears on the peak of the barn
  • Black horse is now grazing in the pasture
  • White flowering tree near the house has finished blooming
  • Fireflies appear throughout the image
  • Lights are on inside the house
  • Flowers have grown in the window boxes (trailing vines)
  • A flower pot was added near the door
  • Fresh cut flowers are being sold with a rabbit checking out the stand
  • Boy still biking, but has moved down the road with a horse and wagon added to the scene
  • Beautiful homemade summer quilts of swimsuits, bee hive and watermelons are now hung on the clothes line (vs. springtime themed quilts of birdhouses, flowers and butterflies)
  • Fields have changed significantly with the seasons – be sure to watch for the moving rabbit!


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