Revealed: Scandinavia


  Here's the whole twist...


So many fun things to see and do!  As you puzzled this region, learning about these countries and dreaming of travel, were you able to find the 31 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?



Scandinavia Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

    1. The night sky got darker...
    2. with a spectacular view of colorful Aurora Borealis
    3. A puffin appears in Iceland
    4. A whale is breaching the surface!
    5. The Hallgrimskirkja church is shown in Reykjavik (the capital of Iceland)
    6. A seal appears off the coast of Iceland
    7. The arctic fox is now awake
    8. A bird appears in the snowy tree
    9. The Viking ship has shields and oars along the side
    10. A whale tail appears in the Norwegian Sea
    11. A squirrel with a pinecone is checking out the Swedish Glogg drink
    12. The tree is replaced by a Finnish Karelian pie
    13. The coffee cup change color (and the cup/coffeemaker moved slightly
    14. The tree moved a bit
    15. The hockey player is now on ice
    16. Mushrooms are now Chanterelle – one of Finland’s most easily identified and highly valued mushroom
    17. The fox is pouncing
    18. Added a couple new trees here...
    19. and here
    20. Two pints of beer (instead of one)
    21. Another dala horse was added to Sweden (where the mushrooms were located)
    22. The mushrooms moved down in place of the trees – wait, they changed from Chanterelle to Amanita mushroom
    23. A third fish was added – Atlantic Salmon
    24. A traditional Norwedgian dish of salmon and potatoes with butter sauce was added
    25. Lindesnes Lighthouse moved and the light is on
    26. A crown (representing the monarchy of Sweden) replaced the squirrel and pinecone
    27. Did you catch that this tree moved?
    28. The boat is now turned around – going back to Sweden
    29. A lego block changed color in Denmark
    30. The background colors of Sweden and Finland switched
    31. Some of the letters changed colors in the word Scandinavia

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    Answers to the Scandinavia trivia:

    Name the 5 countries in this puzzle.
    Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland

    Scandinavia refers to the three countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden which are located on the Scandinavian peninsula. Nordic countries include the three “Scandinavia” countries along with Finland and Iceland.  Other countries considered part of the Nordic region are Faroe Islands and Greenland. 

    Which Scandinavian country has the largest population?
    Sweden has the highest population with over 10 million.  Denmark, Finland and Norway all between 5-6 million with Iceland the lowest at 380,000

    Where is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded? 
    Oslo, Norway

    Where is the region’s busiest airport? 
    Copenhagen (Denmark’s capital)

    What is the oldest country in Scandinavia? 

    Within the top 10 ranked happiest countries in the world, which are included in this puzzle?  
    All are in the top 10 according to the CNBC 2023 World Happiness Report! 
    #1 Finland (for 6th year in a row!), #2 Denmark, #3 Iceland, #6 Sweden, #7 Norway

    What is the Midnight Sun phenomenon? 
    Occurs in the Arctic Circle (and Antarctic Circle).  At the height of summer, sun doesn’t set which means it never gets dark.  Svalbard, Norway is where the midnight sun occurs for the longest period (between April 20 and August 22 each year)

    Which cities are known as the “Venice of the North” in this region? (Hint: Also, capitals.)
    Stockholm (Sweden’s capital)
    Copenhagen (Denmark’s capital)

    Why is it common to swim during the winter in Iceland? 
    Because there are natural hot springs (making the water warm) in almost every county.  The pools are naturally occurring from geothermal heat from volcanoes underneath the country.  It’s considered a national pastime.  (

    Which country is known for fjords?
    Norway – there are 1,190 fjords in Norway, the highest density in the world

    How many horse breeds in Iceland and can you name them?
    There is only one horse breed, the Icelandic horse, brought over by the Vikings!

    Where/what tunnel is the longest in the world?
    Laerdal Tunnel in western Norway is 15.23 miles long connecting Oslo and Bergen.  Slices through a mountain range and was opened in 2000.  It takes about 20 minutes to pass through the tunnel.

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