Revealed: Snagged Again


  Here's the whole twist...

Fishing tales are often exaggerated – but this is one tale that would sure be fun to hear! Many things have gone amiss as this man worked hard at catching a big one that definitely got away! Were you able to find the 36 differences between the box cover and the puzzle art?


Snagged Again Revealed:

  1. Some leaves changed colors (on both trees)
  2. A gray squirrel must have startled the bluebird!
  3. The bluebird moved – joining his family and full nest
  4. New branch appeared – to hold that nest
  5. There’s an owl poking his head out of the tree
  6. A bear came to watch the activity
  7. And, so did a cougar!
  8. A boy and his dog came out to fish
  9. And, they already have one on the line
  10. Some flowers bloomed between the rocks
  11. The bunny is sporting a feathered headband
  12. A fishing lure is snagged on the man’s sleeve
  13. More mosquitoes are swarming around the man
  14. The man is wearing a different lucky fishing hat
  15. He grew a mustache
  16. He is wearing a watch
  17. A frog slipped into the creel
  18. The boy has caught a bucket full of fish!
  19. A jumping fish can’t quite reach the snagged fishing fly
  20. Because the snagged line is even higher this time
  21. A new rock is in the water
  22. Look! A butterfly!
  23. Another snake is slithering in the grass
  24. The patch on his waders is on the other leg
  25. The man has a new tackle box with lots of options
  26. Did you see that the mouse moved, checking out the tackle box?
  27. The leaping (hungry) fish is going the other way
  28. Another fish is slightly further out of the water with tongue sticking out (perhaps antagonizing the man)
  29. There is a sunbathing lizard now on the rock where the frog was sitting
  30. Another fishing pole was added to the scene, and sure enough, has a bite already with the bobber under the water
  31. Another butterfly hovers over a flower
  32. The artist’s signature moved to the lower left side of the puzzle
  33. There’s a new rock with a curious turtle on it
  34. Something (some eyes appear) is hiding in the log
  35. The frog moved down to a now bigger lily pad
  36. Another fish popped his head out of the water to see what all the commotion is about!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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