Where's Maynard? Snagged Again


  Here's the whole twist...

Maynard Hint #1:

Maynard is generally very small. About the size of a puzzle piece knob. He often appears as a watermark. Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #2:

Maynard, along with some other critters, is watching the angler struggle with his line.  It's hardly bearable to watch this poor guy.  He sure could use a rabbit foot for some luck.
Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #3:

Maynard appears to be hanging out in the weeds... or is that river grass... or are those little red flowers...
Can you find him?

Scroll down to see Maynard revealed...






Are you done searching for him?






Ready for the reveal?







You'll find Maynard hiding between the bear and the rabbit within the river grass:

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