Revealed: Star of the North


  Here's the whole twist...

Star of the North Jigsaw Puzzle

Minnesota – the North Star State.  Minnesotans are proud of their state and the unique offerings it provides.  The Star of the North jigsaw puzzle captures many of the "official" state icons.  Although we are "Minnesota Nice" we do like to add a bit of a twist to our puzzles.  In this one there were 23 changes between the puzzle you assembled and the box image. Where you able to identify them all?

Star of the North Revealed:

  1. Snow added to background image of puzzle
  2. Caterpillar on box has turned into a monarch butterfly on the puzzle
  3. State flag appears on puzzle behind the date 1893 (the year MN adopted it)
  4. MN state apple (the Honeycrisp) now has green highlights
  5. An extra leaf has grown on the Honeycrisp apple
  6. The stem on the MN state apple is now leaning to the right
  7. Music notes appear next to the MN state song “Hail! Minnesota”
  8. A starburst has appeared on the MN state gemstone (the agate) on the puzzle
  9. There are three MN state mushrooms (the moral) now
  10. The MN state gopher is now looking to the right on the puzzle
  11. Minnesota’s state drink is Milk and the carton now has an additional milk label
  12. A star has appeared within the MN state slogan L’ETOILE DU NORD
  13. The MN state photo “Grace” - the color of the man's shirt changed
  14. Four additional stars appear around the North Star on top of the puzzle
  15. The MN state fish (walleye) is now swimming in another direction
  16. Two additional fall leaves appear on the puzzle
  17. The three leaves on the box cover have changed colors
  18. One leaf disappears
  19. Another MN state flower, the Lady Slipper appears in the background
  20. A flower on the right side of the box image is now on the left side of puzzle image
  21. Milkweed flower has disappeared and the leaf has some bites out of it
  22. Two new pine cones have been added to the puzzle
  23. The highlights within 1858 (the date MN became a state) and 10,000 (lakes) changed from yellow to red

In addition to the changes above – the shape of the state of Minnesota is hidden 10 times throughout the puzzle. Can you spot them?

  1. Top end of the hockey stick
  2. On the belly of the loon
  3. One of the stars is now in the shape of MN
  4. On the side of the milk carton
  5. On one of the moral mushrooms
  6. Within one of the blueberries on the blueberry muffin
  7. Within the center of a snowflake
  8. Within the pine needles (bottom left corner)
  9. On one of the pine cones (bottom right corner)
  10. On the blade of the hockey stick

Need a Hint? Click Here.

Minnesota State Facts

After completing this puzzle (and perhaps before!), you now should know these facts about the state of Minnesota.  Click here for the answers.

  • When did Minnesota become a state?
  • What number state was it in the union?
  • What is the state motto?
  • The state motto is in French, what's the English translation?
  • What are 3 nicknames for the state?
  • What is the state bird?
  • What is the state tree?
  • What is the state flower?
  • What is official state photograph and what does it represent?
  • What is the state fish?
  • What is the state insect?
  • What is the state beverage?
  • What is the state grain?
  • What is the state gemstone?
  • What is the state mushroom?
  • What is the state fruit?
  • What is the state muffin?
  • What is the state sport?
  • What is the state song?
  • What’s important about the years 1819 and 1893?
  • What is the shown on the state flag?
  • Why is Minnesota called Minnesota!?

Click here for the answers to the Minnesota State Facts above.

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