Revealed: Star of the North State Facts


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Exploring Minnesota State Facts

  • When did Minnesota become a state? 1858
  • What number state was Minnesota in the union? 32
  • What is the state motto? L’Etoile du Nord
  • The state motto is in French, what's the English translation? Star of the North
  • What are 3 nicknames for the state:
    • Land of 10,000 Lakes – many lakes in the state
    • Gopher State – common species throughout the prairie region
    • North Star State – evolved from the State Motto
  • What is the state bird? Common Loon
  • What is the state tree? Red Pine (also called Norway pine)
  • What is the state flower? Pink and White Lady Slipper
  • What is official state photograph? “Grace” (Eric Enstrom took this picture around 1920 and it became the state photograph in 2002.)
    • What does it represent? Enstrom composed the photo to represent survival in the face of hardship
  • What is the state fish? Walleye
  • What is the state insect? Monarch butterfly
  • What is the state beverage? Milk (ranked fifth among states in overall dairy production)
  • What is the state grain? Wild rice
  • What is the state gemstone? Lake Superior Agate
  • What is the state mushroom? Morel (Minnesota was the first state to appoint a state mushroom)
  • What is the state fruit? Honeycrisp apple
  • What is the state muffin? Blueberry muffin
  • What is the state sport? Ice hockey
  • What is the state song? “Hail! Minnesota”
  • What’s important about the years 1819 and 1893?
    • 1819: The year construction began of Fort Snelling which was the first major US military presence in the state
    • 1893: The year the official flag was adopted.
  • What is the shown on the state flag?
    • In the middle of the flag is the state seal. Around the state seal is a wreath of the state flower, 3 dates are woven into the wreath (1858, 1819 and 1893). 19 stars ring the wreath, symbolizing that Minnesota was the 19th state to enter the union after the original 13. The largest star represents Minnesota. The seal pictures a farmer plowing a field, an Indian riding a horse, and a red banner with the state motto.
  • Why is Minnesota called Minnesota?
    • The name came from the Minnesota River named by the Dakota Sioux for river’s “cloudy” or “milky water.” The Dakota word “mnishota” means “cloudy” or “milky water.”



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