Revealed: Woodland Dalas


  Here's the whole twist...


This puzzle was filled with so many woodland animals frequently found throughout the Midwest -- with a special Nordic twist here and there. 

Were you able to find the 31 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Woodland Dalas Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. The leaves changed color
  2. Red fox changed to gold
  3. The woodpecker has been busy - there’s a hole in the tree!
  4. and the woodpecker is now looking at the rabbit
  5. Mushroom is a different type
  6. Blue squirrel caught an acorn
  7. Beaver is holding a branch
  8. Loon is swimming in the other direction
  9. There is a flower is in place of the pinecone
  10. A porcupine now appears in place of the bear cub
  11. Three acorns are now a pinecone
  12. Mushroom is a different type (now a morel)
  13. Ah… the bear cub is with mama bear
  14. White squirrel has changed to red
  15. Flowers, leaves, berries changed positions, plus the leaves are a different color
  16. Loon has turned around
  17. Another mushroom has changed (now a morel)
  18. and these leaves flipped
  19. Blue squirrel is now red
  20. Owl is looking somewhere else
  21. Red deer is now gray
  22. Three morel mushrooms replace the other mushroom and acorns – are the mushrooms driving you nuts yet?!
  23. Another woodpecker made a hole in the tree
  24. Flowers are a different color
  25. Porcupine replaces rabbit
  26. Pinecone moved and leaves are different color
  27. Flower replaces the pinecone
  28. Gold fox is now red!
  29. The last mushroom to change to a morel
  30. The pattern on the bear’s back changed
  31. A rabbit appears in place of acorns and one berry plant, plus the flowers/leaves moved



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Answers to Dala trivia.

Where did the Dala horse originate?  
From the Swedish province of Dalarna; arguably the most famous symbol of Sweden

What does the Dala horse symbolize?
Good luck in Swedish Culture

Why is the traditional Dala horse color orange-red?  
This is a Swedish Falu red which comes from the copper mines color

Originally, what were Dalas made for?  
Children’s toys carved out of wood; highly valued, became a symbol of strength and courage

Do Dala horses have tails?! 
No, are bluntly rounded, tail-free

The world’s largest Dala horse is in Sweden.  How close can you guess it’s height and/or weight?
The largest Dala horse in the world is in Avesta, Sweden.  The statue is made of concrete at 43 feet tall and 68 tons (about 150,000 pounds!)

What is the most common type of wood used to make a Dala horse?
Predominantly made from slow growing, knot-free pine from the region – handcrafted from craving to painting

Can you name any U.S. cities with large Dala horse statues? (Hint: One is the sister city to Mora, Sweden.) 
Mora, Minnesota (sister city to Mora, Sweden) – has the largest Dala horse in the U.S. at 22 ft tall and about 3,000 pounds; it was made of fiberglass

Other large Dala horse statues appear in Minot, North Dakota and Cloquet, Minnesota

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