Where's Maynard: Garden Delights


  Here's the whole twist...

Maynard Hint #1:

Maynard is generally very small. About the size of a puzzle piece knob. He often appears as a watermark. Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #2:

Maynard loves annuals as they typically bring color to your garden and bloom longer than perennials throughout the summer.  His favorite is this particular one that germinates quickly, is easy to grow with full sun and blooms from late spring until fall. 
Can you find him?

Maynard Hint #3:

This particular flower Maynard likes is known to attract bees and other pollinators, as well as beneficial insects like ladybugs while keeping pests such as whiteflies, cabbageworms and even rabbits and deer away. 
Can you find him?


Scroll down to see Maynard revealed...






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Ready for the reveal?







You'll find Maynard hiding in the center of the Marigold:

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