Jigsaw Puzzle Frame Kits

Jigsaw Puzzle Frame Kits

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Now you can turn any brand jigsaw puzzle into a work of art!

The PuzzleTwist® Jigsaw Puzzle Frame Kit accommodates most 500 piece and 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles.  If your puzzle dimensions are equal to or less than 27" by 20" the frame will fit.

Easy 5 step process!
1. Measure Puzzle
2. Cut Frame to Size
3. Cut Backing Board to Size (backing board not included)
4. Apply Frame to Puzzle
5. Attach Wire to Hang

Kit includes:
• 94 inches of frame material (238 cm)
• Wire for hanging
• Adhesive templates for accurate cutting
• Step-by-step instructions

Not included:
• 1/8" Backing Board
• Utility Knife

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